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Last week’s workouts + using the Hypervolt (again)

A recap of last week’s workouts and why I started using the Hyperice Hypervolt again (and why I love it).

Hey hey happy Tuesday! I hope you all had an amazing long weekend. It was so nice over here – relaxing and filled with lots of fun time with friends and family. We had dinner with friends on Saturday night, played golf on Sunday night with some other friends and then played nine holes again on Monday afternoon with Tommy’s dad. Factor in sleeping in, having coffee in bed and making homemade pizza, and it was a pretty perfect weekend.

A few weeks ago I asked on Instagram what type of content people want to see on my blog and there was an overwhelming response to see more of what I do on a day-to-day basis to stay healthy. I have a few specific blog posts in the works about how to stay consistent with working out and eating healthy, but I thought I’d also resume my Weekly Workouts posts.

In addition to sharing my workouts, I’ll share some gear I’m loving and any lessons I learned throughout the week. My end goal is really to help YOU (not necessarily document training for my own purposes since I have other ways I do that), so please let me know what you like in these posts or would like to see more of.

Last week’s workouts

  • M – REST
  • T – 5.6 miles, 9:22 pace, starting from Bass Lake in Blowing Rock with my mom!
  • W – 5.0 miles, 9:00 pace, starting from from Moses Cone Manor with my mom!
  • Th – 4.2 miles, 8:47 pace.
    • I just wasn’t feeling this run. I cut it short and my dad and I took Maizey on a walk while my mom finished her run.
  • F – 6 miles, 8:33 pace, running with friends
  • Sa – 10.6 miles, 8:18 pace, running with friends and solo hill repeats at the end
  • Su – Weight lifting (sign up here if you want more details on my strength training workouts)

Total miles: 31.6

My runs in Blowing Rock started at 10-11 minute mile. Part of it was the climbs but a big part of it was that my body was just craving recovery. (More on that below.) I’m really working to listen to my body and give it what it needs. And I’m happy to have more time to take in these views!

moses cone memorial park

How I’m feeling:

I felt pretty beat up this past week. But, considering I ran 40+ miles the prior two weeks — the highest mileage I’ve hit since May — I’m not surprised. I was diligent about listening to my body and thankfully I was in Boone/Blowing with my parents so I could hit some of my favorite trails. (Softer trails surfaces are great for recovery runs!)

Since the American Fork Half Marathon, where I showed up to race day VERY burned out and not really in a race mindset, I’ve taken a break from any formal training. I’m just running however far and however easy I want. The lack of structure is good for me, mentally and physically.

Fall race plans + rebuilding mileage

I thought I might run the Richmond Half Marathon this fall but I’m still not itching to jump back into workouts. So, I’ll likely do my usual Mistletoe Half Marathon (which I love!) and it sounds like Tommy and my mom may run it too! SOLD. All that to say, I’m gradually upping my weekly mileage to get a base back. I’m not adding in workouts or any real intensity yet since increasing both volume and intensity is a recipe for injury.

I talked to my running coach (who isn’t prescribing official workouts for me but we still keep in touch) about how I’ve been feeling running-wise since the half marathon. He is in full support of just letting my body come around gently, especially during the summer months, where it’s easy to get discouraged given the hot temperatures. (Read this post for tips to run in the heat.)

Since my mileage has been consistently 30-40 miles for a bit, he suggested adding in hill repeats and strides at the end of couple workouts each week. So, I did my first hill repeats in MONTHs last Saturday and it was fun.

And starting and finishing most runs happy is a good indicator that I’m headed in the right direction. That definitely wasn’t the case a few months ago when I was burned out.

Latest & greatest fitness find: Hyperice Hypervolt

Okay, this isn’t something new but I did just start using it again this past week. It’s funny how aches and pains make you start the things you know would have helped prevent them — stretching, foam rolling, massage, etc. I even got dry needled today.

So what is the Hypervolt? The Hypervolt is a massaging tool. It’s a bit loud and the massaging is INTENSE. It has four levels so you can gradually increase to your comfort (or discomfort) level. I like it more than a foam roller most days since I don’t have to lay on the ground to use it.

I got it for my husband, Tommy, for Christmas last year. After YEARS of serious golf and some lingering CrossFit tightness, he is constantly complaining about his tight shoulders. And I knew this would help. But considering I included it in my gift ideas for runner’s post, it was also a bit of a selfish gift.

Like all shiny tools, we used a lot at first and then not so much after a while. BUT, when my calf developed a wicked knot and my plantar fasciitis starting flaring again, I busted this out to help loosen some knots. I usually use it for a few minutes before I run and then sometimes at night before bed.

The Hypervolt costs about $350 so it’s not cheap. But, considering how much a massage or dry needling costs, it easily pays for itself if I’m able to reduce the frequency of those visits if I use it often.

hyperice hypervolt

I posted a video in my Instagram stories today showing how it works! And you can get it here.

How were you workouts last week? What was your favorite one?

Mine were definitely the runs in Blowing Rock. I love those trail and I loved taking my mom to run them too!

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    How do you document your running for yourself? I currently use garmin -which syncs with strava and map my run – but also use a paper log. it’s all probably a bit much. i feel like i can “see” it better on paper, does that make sense? do you make note of injuries/pains as well? my paper log is color coordinated and i’ve recently started making note of when something starts bugging me so if i have to go to the chiro, i can tell him how long somethings been bugging me instead of relying on memory….

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I use Strava but have a paper journal I would LIKE to use — just haven’t yet! I tend to see things better on paper too and it’d be so much easier to flip back and scan and look for trends!

      great idea to color coordinate it!

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    Bethany Imondi

    Do you think you’ll register for Boston next week when registration opens? I have my second chance to register and I think I finally have enough cushion to get in!

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    Great point about the hypervolt being an investment and alternative to massages (when not accessible or easy to fit in my schedule). I used one for the first time last week when I was on a running + yoga retreat with Elyse Kopecky!!!! It was a BLAST.

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I really do love it!!! And that is SO cool you met her!!!!! I LOVE HER RECIPES. I would have crazy-person fan-girled Elyse (like I did when I randomly met Shalane mid-run in Boston one year).

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    My fitness/class teacher is getting me back on SMith machines and doing things like dumbbell snatches. Forgot how much I missed this stuff!!

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