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Last Week’s Workouts: 45 miles + CrossFit


My weekly workouts this month are hydrated and sponsored by Primo Water! Thank you for supporting the brands that support me and help me keep this blog running!

Training for the Boston Marathon is officially underway! I hit 45 miles last week, ran in a new pair of shoes — Nike Zoom Elites  —  fit in a couple CrossFit classes AND I took a nap (hey, recovery is important!). You know those weeks where running just feels GOOD? Last week was one of those and I’m so happy after struggling for a couple months with burnout, injuries and just overall frustration with how crappy running has felt. Hopefully this “feel-good-running” trend continues!

Last Week’s Workouts

M – Crossfit

  • Front Squats: Build to challenging set of 5. I did 115#
  • EMOM 20 minutes (every minute on the minute)
    • 1: 20 second side plank per side
    • 2: 5 touch & go deadlifts  + 5 front squats (75#)
    • 3: 30 second active hang from pull up bar
    • 4: 10 bar facing burpee as fast as possible

Capris | Shoes (obsessed)

T – 9.2 miles, 8:16 pace

Is it sad that 30° felt really warm? Most of this run was an easy pace, but I finished with 10 strides which dropped my overall average pace.

base layer | similar heavier layer | vest | reflective vest | pants | similar mittens | earband
(I have a post coming later this week about how to dress for cold weather running!)

W- 6 miles, 8:27 pace + Crossfit 

  • My friend Christian moved back to Winston-Salem, and this was the first time I’d seen her! It was so fun to run with her (and our friend Kim!).
  • Strength: Push press from rack, at 85-90% effort. I did 80#.
  • Metcon (For Time)
    • 5 times for round w/ a partner (Team Teri + Tommy <3 )
    • row 500m
    • 20 handstand pushups
    • 20 box jumps 24/20
    • We didn’t make it all the way through before the 20 minute time cap. We had 15 box jumps left. The rowing and HSPUs killed me!

I ran in a new pair of shoes – the Nike Zoom Elites 9 – and I LOVED them. I plan to do a post with full review of these since I feel like they are a magic unicorn shoe for a few reasons!

Th – 9.4 miles, 8:33 pace

  • I ran easy for most of this run, but it started raining at mile 7 and I dropped my pace significantly to try to get home faster!

shirt + reflective vest + flashing arm band


I LOVE my Friday rest days. I’m had these off and on over the years (which I’ve blogged about here and here), and I’m glad they’re officially back in my training plan. It’s always so nice to have a leisurely morning after getting up at 5:30 all week!

PJ bottoms

Sa – 15.1 miles, 8:18 pace

  • I ran the first 7 miles with Kim, Dori and Olivia and I ran the last 8 by myself. I was really happy with this run, especially the second half since I picked up speed and felt strong, despite 15 mph hours (and stronger gusts!). It was really nice to have company for a big chunk of the run too!

  • When I have extra crappy or extra great runs, I’m trying to note how I fueled. This seemed to work well!

    • Pre-Run: 1/2 RX bar + Coffee + Water + Nuun

    • Midrun (mile 7): 3 skratch lab chews + few sips of coffee & tailwind

    • Water at mile 11 (out of the bathroom sink at Reynolda Gardens! 🙂 )

    • I did two loops so it was easy to get fuel with all my gear in the car.

Su – 5.3 miles, 9:00 pace

  • It was SO cold and my legs were lead after Saturday’s run. I was really grateful to have Christian’s company again!!

I ran in the Nike Zoom Elites again and loved them once again. They’re keepers!

shoes | leggings | hoodie | rug

Total Miles: 45 miles!

How I’m Feeling:

Really, really good. I was SO excited about last week’s runs. Everything just felt really good, and I haven’t felt that optimistic about my running in a long time. But, I was EXHAUSTED on Saturday and Sunday, like I mentioned in the Weekender post. I think it’s probably just my body getting used to the higher mileage combined with not sleeping well for a couple nights. My hamstring is doing so much better and I’m planning to continue needling and scraping every other week.

Do you schedule rest days or just take them when you feel you need them?

I tend to do better if I have a planned rest day since I tend to skip them otherwise. Friday is my official rest day in my training plan (which I’ll blog about soon), and Monday is my optional rest day. I don’t run on Mondays but I do CrossFit if I feel up to it (and depending on what the workout is!).

Winston-Salem peeps – join me for a FREE Cyclebar class this Thursday at 6:45pm!! Seats are limited so be sure to save your spot!! Details here.


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  • Reply

    Awesome week of training! I’ve actually be taking Friday rest days too and I LOVE them–I used to take them on Sunday but I feel like this way I go into my long runs feeling fresh and ready. It’s definitely an adjustment to ease into the higher mileage, I just read that apparently you’re supposed to get an extra minute of sleep a night for each weekly mile (so 45 extra minutes for a 45 mile week). Seems crazy to fit that in but interesting!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Oh man, I’m definitely not getting that much extra sleep!!! Good goal though!!!

      And yeah, I like resting Friday. My training plan says to do an easy run the day before my long runs and I’m ignoring that. 😉

  • Reply

    I tend to not plan rest days unless I know things are planned that will make a workout difficult. I know my life is nutty enough that a rest day or two will happen!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Yes! I find that happens usually to me too when I’m not on a specific training plan! I like having a dedicated rest day when I’m training for a race for some reason though. It helps mentally!!

  • Reply

    Hi Terri!
    I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for awhile and I need shoe advice 🙂
    I just started a Fit Body Bootcamp class (less intense that Crossfit) and am slowly getting back into running (mainly treadmill, 4 miles) and I need new shoes. I’ve been looking at the Nike Metcom 4 but then you posted about the Nike Metcon DSX and the Nike Air Zoom Elite 9. So, my question is: can you recommend one shoe for both a boot camp program as well as running? I’m totally lost!!! Thanks so much!!!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Hi Lydia,

      I don’t use my Crossfit shoes for running and I don’t use my running shoes for Crossfit since I think the workouts have very different needs. If you were only going to buy ONE pair, I’d prioritize getting running shoes since your body really needs specific support for doing any significant distance, and then you can use those for bootcamp too. So, I’d suggest going to a running-speciality store to get fitted for running shoes.

      Does that help?

    • Reply

      Hi! Yes, that makes sense. Thanks for the guidance 🙂

  • Reply

    I so admire your ability to balance crossfit & long distance running! It’s not something I’ve been able to balance fully yet

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      It can be so hard! I find that doing CrossFit earlier in the week (only M, T or W) helps me stay fresh for my longer runs later in the week.

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