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Happy Drive4Pledges Day!!

It can wait

I’ve been posting about putting an end to texting and driving for months. A few of you have shared with me that because of these posts you have made a conscious effort to stop the dangerous habit. Seriously, those comments made me SO happy. Happy to know that you are being safer, and that those around you are safer — including your loved ones in the car.

Today is Drive4Pledges Day. So, if you haven’t made a pledge either formally or to yourself to stop texting and driving, make a promise today. Make a promise to stop it. It takes time to break the habit, but you can do it. Recommit every day.

Put your phone on silent.

Put it on airplane mode.

Put it in the back seat.

Put it in your trunk.

Just don’t put it in your hand and text while driving.

If you have an Android, you can download DriveMode which will send an autoreply to any texts that come in while you’re driving.

Go take the pledge at itcanwait.com and join 1.4 million others who have taken the pledge. Then, go spread the word. Tell people on Twitter & Facebook that you took the pledge and encourage them to do the same. Use the hashtag #itcanwait so AT&T and we participating bloggers can help retweet you to further spread the word!

If you need more convincing that you should take the pledge…1 in 3 people’s driving habits have been impacted by the It Can Wait movement, and Mashable ranked this campaign as one of the Top 12 Most Memorable campaigns in 2012. Not texting and driving is so hot right now. 

Texting and driving makes you 23 more times likely to be in an accident. TWENTY-THREE TIMES FOLKS! It’s just not worth it. It really can wait.

If you have already taken the pledge, please leave a comment and say so! If you are taking it today, please leave a comment and let me know! And if you don’t leave a comment, I’m going to assume you haven’t and won’t take the pledge and I shall banish you from my blog to punish you and shame you. OK, that last part isn’t true. But seriously, go take the pledge and leave a comment. Just like group meal planning, it takes  a village to make a difference (or…a good meal). 🙂

This post is part of a sponsored series by AT&T. But I mean it, DON’T TEXT & DRIVE! 

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  • Reply
    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Always a great reminder!
    It’s really simple: just ignore your phone when driving — it CAN wait, and the alternative is just not worth it. Lets be safe!

  • Reply
    Melissa C

    I love this campaign! I took the pledge weeks ago 🙂

  • Reply
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Great reminder!! It is never that important and if it is PULL OVER!

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