Why our marathon director is awesome

He sends out lots of email updates about the race, the course, advice, etc. 

His latest one included this tidbit:

1. When you start to get tired, don’t be tempted to shuffle your feet like on a typical road marathon. Don’t get me wrong: this is nothing like a trail marathon, but there are more stones and backwoods debris than you’d find on most road marathon courses.

Make a conscious effort to pick up your feet with each stride and you’ll avoid what could be an unpleasant fall (complete with slide, if you’re coming downhill at the time). We’ll have bandages at most aid stations, just in case. If you do fall while running downhill, don’t do it like a weenie: be sure to extend your arms like a swan dive and make it look like you meant to do it! Style counts, and unless you’re at the back of the pack someone is going to see you do it. Dignity first, for heaven’s sake!

Some of you might think it’s funny to imagine me rolling down the course on race day since (1) it’s downhill, (2) it’s likely going to be raining, (3) the dirt trail will turn into mud, enhancing my chances of rolling down the mountain, and (4) I’m a klutz. But trust me. It won’t be funny. But you know what is funny? His advice to not fall “like a weenie.”

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    it's a good life motto – -don't do it like a weenie!

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    So true! 🙂 Good luck on your race; I'm sure you'll do great. But if by chance you do end up falling, at least you know how to do it in style!

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