Where To Stay in the Willamette Valley (Oregon Wine Country)

So, where did I leave off blogging about my trip to Oregon? Oh yes, explaining the drama that took place leading up to the half marathon! I have a bunch of pictures so I’m going to break it into a number of posts; I had multiple people ask for Oregon recommendations so I’ll try to share details of my favorite places both in the wine country and Portland. And heavy on pictures, little on words. 🙂

For wine country, I’ll share the best places to stay in the Willamette Wine Country, the best places to eat in Carlton (the town where we stayed), and a few of my favorite wineries. Ready? Let’s go!

First up, the best places to stay in the Willamette Wine Country. Hands down the best place to stay is where I stayed. ha! Granted, it’s the only lodging we stayed at in the Willamette Valley, but I can’t imagine how there could be a better place. I booked it on VRBO, #437879, the Meadowlake Getaway Guesthouse. It’s a small cottage on the property of Jay MacDonald who owns The Tasting Room in Carlton and EIEIO Winery (get it?).

There was a giant comfy bed, a nice (albiet small) kitchen, and had an amazing deck (with a propone grill) overlooking the wine country. There were also chairs a short walk away from the house that had even better views than the deck.

DSC 0128 NEF

We spent a lot of time sipping wine, taking in the views, away from any traffic or noise. It was wonderful.

DSC 0133 NEF

We cooked fresh salmon and halibut on the grill that we got at a great market – Harvest Fresh – in the next town over, McMinnville. It had been caught that same day! (BTW, although a small store, Harvest Fresh had a huge gluten-free selection, better than my local Whole Foods.) DSC 0196 NEF

Fresh clams too! And, of course, wine. There were two bottles of wine waiting for us when we arrived at the cottage.

DSC 0199 NEF

My favorite part of staying where we did is that one night Jay took us on a hike around the property. He asked us our boot size, got us Muck boots from his house and off we went. The views along the 2-ish mile loop were unbelievable. He explained to us his plans for the property (vines eventually!) and taught us so much about wine. 

DSC 0192 NEF

We even picked apples from a tree on our walk and munched on blackberries (there was a huge stretch of them!).

IMG 1083

My only regret is that we didn’t stay longer at this place. We were here only two nights before moving onto Portland. 

IMG 1079

This is inside Jay’s wine shop, The Tasting Room. Definitely stop in if you’re in Carlton, and if you’re staying, definitely try to stay on his property. (Nope, I not getting any kickback for this. I just loved that place so much.)

DSC 0168 NEF

Cheers! Next up: best places to eat in Carlton!

Where do you typically book hotels? I always check VRBO and airBNB before anything else. I love having a kitchen and the condos I find are typically a million times better than a hotel in terms of quality, service, location, everything. I’ve had a few meh stays but way more great experiences than mediocre.

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    Melissa Kaylene

    How fun! I actually live right next to McMinnville and Carlton! Love living in Wine Country 😉

    Melissa Kaylene

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    Beautiful place. I love checking out blogs and VRBO when I stay places!

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    Meg K

    Thanks for sharing! Do you highly recommend renting a car?

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    so jealous 😉
    looks like an amazing time!!! HUGS

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    We will be staying here for the first two nights on my birthday trip in July! I searched “best places to stay” and found your recommendation! I never would have thought to look at a place like this so thank you!

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