Winston Salem Restaurant Review: Mooney’s Mediterranean Cafe

Mooney’s Mediterranean Cafe.

In short, I’m obsessed.

Amazing hummus.

Even better baba ghanouj.

Delicious falafal and fried cauliflower.

Their salad is fresh and flavorful.

Their pita bread is soft and addicting.

I wasn’t crazy about their tabouli but I’ve only had tabouli like once before and it’s been years, so I’m probably not a fair or good judge.

They offer tempeh! And it’s tasty! I think they are the 3rd restaurant in town I’ve found that offers tempeh. (That’s the falafel in the upper right hand corner. I had to get a side of it with my tempeh pita.)

And their chicken is tasty too. (I had a bite of my friend’s.)

Their wine list is meh, but that’s OK because the food is so incredible.

Great patio dining on a quiet stretch of 4th street.

White lights hang from the trees that overhang the outdoor dining. I love white lights. I just do.

The owner said all the recipes are his mother-in-law’s, which is cool. And the service is great.

Verdict: Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Maybe I’ve gone 3 times in the last week…:)

If you had to pick: hummus or baba ghanouj? (I used to be a hummus girl all the way, but I think their baba ganoush has switched that. Mmmm…it’s so good….

(BTW, how on earth do you spell ganoush/bhanouj/ghanoush? I’ve seen like 7 spellings for it. Mooney’s spells it with the “j” so I’m guessing that’s probably right. Or maybe it depends on the region. Who knows.)

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    I ate at Mooney’s twice last week when I visited Winston. So good! The baba ghanouj and the salad were to die for! I am definitely going back on my next visit.

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    Omg! I tried a new Mediterranean/Italian restaurant this weekend too & I have not stopped thinking about how awesome it was!! I’ve never tried baba ghanouj (I vote for the “j” version) though they did have it on the menu at Bunky’s. So I guess I have to go with hummus & boy do I LOVE hummus. Hurray for tasty Mediterranean food!!

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    theresa @ aspoonsulofsunshine

    Ahh Mediterranean is definitely my favorite type of ethnic food, the only hard part is finding a restaurant that is TRULY authentic mediterranean. All your food looks so yummy! But I think I would go with the baba ghanoush because its different from the norm of hummus 🙂

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    I’d go with hummus… I’m slow to convert as an eggplant fan. Love all these outdoor patios you’re enjoying! Yay summer!

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    Mrs Type A

    I used to love that place! I liked the chicken wrap and the hummus. If you ever are in raleigh you MUST go to Neomonde. They have the best mediterranean food ever. They have like a hot bar and different salads in a case and then sandwiches, wraps, gyros, etc. It’s amazing.

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    Lauren T

    Wow that all looks delicious! Do they make their own pitas there? Those look the best!

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    I’m obsessed with Mooney’s, too! Everything I’ve had there has been wonderfully tasty and authentic.

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    I loved Mooney’s when I lived in Winston-Salem! This post really made me miss it 🙂 I definitely vote for baba ganouj (the arabic spelling is closest to a J), though it has to be done right, with a great smokey like taste- which Mooney’s definitely had. Thanks for blogging all about W-S so I can reminisce about my southern days of the past!

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