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I JUST realized today isn’t Wednesday. It’s a good thing I showed up to the airport on the right day (I’m headed to Utah to see my family – yay!). So pretend this is Wednesday and wordless and we’ll be good to go. 😉

IMG 5484


IMG 6531


IMG 6451


IMG 6452


IMG 6454

If you haven’t been to Black Mountain Chocolate Factory on Trade Street, go immediately. (They have free tastings. :) ) These are my two favorite bars. So good!IMG 6536

IMG 6532

This is what the security line almost always looks like at the Greensboro airport. Flying out of PTI is another HUGE perk of living in Winston-Salem. 🙂 

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    I worked in Greensboro for awhile. I’m from Toronto. Toronto is one of the busiest airports in North America…. Greensboro was jaw-dropping for me. Security was like pre-9/11. The lady called me sugar and asked me about my family (we didn’t know each other). Another time, I called the airport who connected me to my gate and they told the pilot I was going to be late. I showed up the minute my flight was leaving and was allowed to board.The plane was delayed about 15 minutes for other reasons… but still. Amazing.

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    Great pictures, as always! I enjoy seeing them each week and recognize a lot of those spots. Oh, and I love PTI, too! Such a nice airport and non-stressful, which is great! 🙂 Have fun visiting your family!

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