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What it’s like working for Teri, a full-time blogger

Hi again! It’s Hannah, Teri’s assistant here at A Foodie Stays Fit. Today’s guest post is different than a usual guest post from me. I typically write about things that I think will be helpful for AFSF readers such as road trip tips, how to eat healthy when you don’t want to, activities for staying home, etc. But today, I’m writing a Q&A about what it’s like to work for Teri!

Before I begin, let me give you a little background. I started working with Teri in September of 2018, my sophomore year of college. Teri ran with my mom a few times a week, and while I didn’t know her personally, I knew a lot about her from my mom and from Instagram. Teri mentioned that she was looking to hire someone for a few projects she was starting and asked about my major in school and if I’d be interested in helping. My mom connected us, and it was a perfect fit for us both as I’m a public relations and advertising major.

The past two summers I’ve been home in Winston-Salem and we get to work in person more often which is a real treat. During the school year I work remotely, which is also a huge blessing because I get to do it year-round. We thought this post would be a fun way to get to know the business side of Teri, since you probably know the blogger & Instagram side pretty well!

What it’s like working for Teri, a full-time blogger

Q&A with Teri from A Foodie Stays Fit

What work do you do?

Originally, Teri hired me to work on Best of Winston, a website and Instagram account dedicated to the best places to enjoy in Winston-Salem, NC. As time has gone on, I’ve transitioned to working on A Foodie Stays Fit working primarily on fashion content, email marketing, graphic design, and some social media work.

You wouldn’t believe all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a blog run. I had no clue just how much time is spent in the backend of a website (where it looks nothing like the beautiful pages you get to see) getting content ready to publish. I truly believe that if readers knew how much work goes into posting about something like the Nordstrom Sale, a recipe, or running tips, they would be shocked, haha!

Describe Teri as a boss in 3 words

Excellence-driven, Aware, & Dedicated

Teri is one of the most excellence-driven people that I know. She catches every detail and leaves no stone unturned. She’s also extremely dedicated (like, used-to-work-80-hours-a-week dedicated) to making her content informative and useful. She is thoughtful about everything she publishes and would never post something just for the sake of having something go live. She puts so much thought into everything she does and strives to make content as helpful as possible to readers.

What is Teri’s pet peeve?

There are a few that come to mind.

1. When retailers don’t work with LikeToKnow.It (our fashion platform for linking clothes). And actually, this is a huge pet peeve of mine too! We get asked for links to things everyday. That platform makes it a LOT easier to save and share items!

2. When the Instagram algorithm changes and what was working doesn’t work anymore.

3. A too-full email inbox (she has five email addresses, four for business and one personal).

What is something Teri hates to do that Hannah does instead?

While Teri loves fashion and dressing well, she hates the shopping part. Are you shocked? I know! Lucky for me, shopping is one of my favorite hobbies (oops!) so I help a lot with fashion content. Teri also doesn’t like going to the post office and I do, lol. (She mails gifts to her Beautycounter team quite often.) So I run errands for her sometimes when I’m home.

What’s your favorite part of your job? Any perks of working for a blogger?

My favorite part of the job is being creative and coming up with new ways of presenting content. I love that I do tons of different tasks daily, and I never get sick of one thing! Perks of the job are all of the skincare and makeup tips I’ve learned! And I also getting some free skincare and makeup freebies every once in a while.

Advice you give to new employees about working with Teri

Like I mentioned before, Teri is excellence-driven and always knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t forget about tasks that she assigned weeks ago, and she’s going to follow up on them. Stay on top of your game! She’s also amazing at letting you know what’s up. She’s affirming when you do something well and gives kind, professional feedback when something isn’t up to par. One of my favorite things about Teri is that I never have to guess where I stand with her. She’s probably the best communicator I know.

What’s a fun fact about Teri you learned when you started working for her?

She enjoys the data and analytics side of blogging over the creative side. Don’t get me wrong, she is creative and has an eye for aesthetics. She even considered major in photography or journalism in college. But she REALLY loves the numbers and the data. She used to work for Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and BB&T so I think she has an edge that many bloggers don’t. She uses data to evaluate priorities and new content. She’s also very good at Excel!

What’s something you admire about Teri?

Even though she works for herself and sets the schedule and she could easily slack off, she doesn’t. I think I’d be so much lazier if I worked for myself, but she is not. She’ll take a long weekend, but the day she starts working again, she’s immediately back in the saddle cranking out work to catch up. I also really admire her convictions to posting content that she believes aligns with her brand and will be helpful for her readers. She turns down lucrative partnerships all the time because they don’t align with her brand. I also admire how tough she is.

What is Tommy like?

When I first met Teri, I thought there was no way Tommy could be as nice as she is, but then I met him. He is legitimately a living, breathing angel. He’s funny, engaging, always interested in what you’re talking about, great at asking questions, SO sweet to Teri, and fun to be around. Teri and Tommy are a hardcore power couple. You know when you see a couple and think to yourself, “it’s not fair to everyone else that they’re together,”? That’s them.

What are Tommy & Teri like together?

Honestly, just really sweet. Tommy calls her to tell her he’ll be home for lunch and offers to bring her food. He texts her throughout the day to just say “I love you” or to check in on her, especially since she got pregnant. Teri goes out of her way to make him food that he likes (italian food!), he laughs at her for getting so emotional during pregnancy (she usually NEVER cries), but he is also SO concerned for her and takes such good care of Teri and the baby. They both love art, which I think is a fun fact about them. They have a really unique style and their home is full of amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces.

What’s something about Teri you might not know unless you know her in person?

You’d be surprised at how petite Teri is! In photos it’s hard to tell how petite she is in photos, but she’s the cutest petite pregnant person ever. You’d also be shocked at how great her skin is. I mean, you can tell in photos, but in person she glows. Another thing you don’t know until you meet her is that she’s actually pretty introverted! Since her job is publishing about her life, you might think she loves the spotlight but she’s more introverted and private than you’d think.

In closing, you should know that Teri puts 100% into everything she does. If you’re a loyal reader, you already know that. It’s an honor to work with her and be her friend. She’s truly become family. If you think you’re excited about her baby arriving this September, imagine me. I can’t wait!!!

Hannah, you are family to us!!! I love you so much and I am so so grateful for you!!! You’re a fabulous employee and a true joy to work with! Thank you for all you do!!

What its like working for Teri, a full-time blogger


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