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Yoga After a Crappy Day + You Must [Decorate, Wear, Drink]

Hi friends! I loved hearing that many of you practice yoga at home! Pretty inspiring bunch you are. 🙂 I actually headed to the studio tonight for a class. I had a preeeetty crappy day and I teared up multiple times in class. But, I’m glad I went. I was lucky to get a spot in the corner where I felt completely alone – in a good way – so that I could really just focus on my own practice. The balancing poses were really tough at first because my mind was all over the place (my instructor was right about this one!) but once I realized that’s what was happening, I was able to really clear my mind which is exactly what I needed. Of course, the stress and anxious mind all came rushing back after class, but perhaps not quite to the same extent as before. Yay for yoga. 

Anyway, enough about that. It’s time for another round of You Must! 

(1) Decorate with these signs from The Creative Pallet! My sister-in-law makes them and I am obsessed. She has them for every holiday, ones with quotes, ones for sports, and she also takes custom orders. And might I add, they are super affordable (around $30 depending on the size). And yes, I paid for these, so I’m not even being biased in my review! (Well, the Utah she gave me as a gift but I didn’t know she was going to do that when I ordered it.) I’m so obsessed that I still have this up past Valentine’s Day and don’t plan on taking it down anytime soon. haha. 

IMG 4120

This would look super cute if I would actually paint any of my walls a color! But it’s a rental and I kinda hate to invest in that. Anyway, I wanted cream because it’ll work great once I do have a place with colored walls! 🙂

IMG 4122 

(2) Wear this Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Cream. I’ve tried a number of drugstore and higher end brands of BB and CC creams. This one is the BEST. The color blends perfectly, has great coverage, but looks totally natural. Just like your skin is perfect. 🙂

I got it from Birchbox (<– referral link) but Sephora carries it too. (There is only one shade but it adjusts to your skin color.) If you buy it through Sephora, don’t forget to use eBates for cash back! (<– referral link)

IMG 4129

3. Drink this Oliver Oregon Pinot Noir 2011. Track it down, buy it, love it. It’s a bottle that John and I ordered when we went to the Willamette Wine Country in Oregon and finally opened it. And ooooooh man it’s amazing. 

If you can’t find it, you can order it from The Tasting Room in Carlton, OR and he will ship it. (That’s what we did.) Trust me, it’s worth it. 

IMG 4198

If you have favorite decorations, make-up or wine,  share in the comments! I love trying new “best” products.

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    Super cute signs by your s-i-l! I hope today was a good day. I hate to think of my first ever Cycle instructor having a crappy day that even led to tears. ((Hugs))

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Love those signs!! I want one for my house bad – especially the state one!! In LOVE!

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    those paintings are adorable!

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    So sorry you had a rough day. I am glad the yogi helped clear your mind.

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    Hope you find some peace in the next few days. Sometimes our minds are just too filled and pushing to quiet it down doesn’t help, we just need to ride with it until it calms down on its own.

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