Yoga Sutras + The Weekender

Good morning! It’s a cold, very rainy day here in Winston-Salem. I went to a fantastic yoga class this morning at Paz Studios. It will definitely be my Sunday “yoga church” going forward. The instructor, Elliott, took a few minutes at the end of class to talk about the meaning of sutras and why yoga was ultimately developed – to quiet the mind. He spoke about how he does a lot of balancing poses and said it’s to help quiet the chatter in our heads, and reminded us that if our head has a lot chatter/distractions going on, we won’t be able to balance. Each week we’re going to continue the discussion on sutras and the mind using the book The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as our guide. He said it’s a must read if you’re into yoga. 


Lots of good reads that I’ve collected over the last few weeks. Enjoy! 

This is hilarious: 5 Facts Every Coffee Drinker Should Know.

Best Moments for Women in 2013

Do you really need to wipe down equipment at the gym?

The trouble with the snooze button… (also, I’m totally in a sleep stupor for a good hour in the mornings. This explains it!)

The one exercise you are overlooking for fat loss.

What your handwriting says about you

How do you work to quiet the mind? Quieting the mind is part of my goal to simplify this year. 

(Psssst, local folks, stay tuned – I have a giveaway coming for you later today!)

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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Great links! Happy Sunday 🙂

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    Practicing mindfulness is on my list too:) I haven’t been able to get into practicing yoga regularly, but I love the idea of sutras. May need to check that book out! Happy weekend.

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    so happy to hear that you found a good sunday yoga church class in WS! and yes, you should read the sutras. they are a lot to take in but make you think.

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    Ah! I just noticed I’m getting an awfully lot of visitors from you:) THANK YOU for linking me, dear friend! You are the bomb diggity!

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    So it took me awhile to track back down this weekender with the snooze button post but I just wanted to let you know that that article has totally reformed YEARS of sleeping habits for me. (Ok, it wasnt’ just that article, but reading that article gave me an epiphany and sent me down a rabbit hole of reading about sleep, REM cycles, etc. For the first time in my life, I am waking up BEFORE my alarm clock well-rested. Just in case you ever wondered why you blog, just wanted you to know even a weekender post can be life changing. 😉

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