Your Pre-Race Checklist (and an app for it!)

I have a mild to-do list obsession. I really don’t understand how people function without lists – how do they remember to get things done or what they need at the store?! Or maybe they don’t remember. Anyway, one of my favorite apps for recurring lists — like packing for trips, pre-race planning and grocery shopping — is Wunderlist.  You can create separate lists and then check items off  (well, duh all to-do lists are like that….it gets better) and easily uncheck them at a later point when you need to pack (or grocery shop) again so you don’t have to make a brand-new list. This way, I never forget anything crucial on race day as I’m headed out the door. (And I never forget socks when traveling or bananas at the grocery store.)

The Reminder app on the iPhone functions the same way as Wunderlist with the multiple lists and unchecking feature, but I like to use Wunderlist for packing lists since I use my Reminder app for my day-to-day stuff (along with Carrot). And for some reason, I like the navigation and functionality of Wunderlist better for this. 

The items I need change according to where the race is and what time of year it is, so if something isn’t applicable (like gloves in July), I just quickly check it off, but know that it’s still in there next time in case it is applicable.

IMG 8212

IMG 8213


What items are on your pre-race checklist? Have you ever gotten to a race without something crucial? Years ago, I forgot to pack my earbuds and had to run with my giant iPod, without my earbuds, which was especially annoying since the iPod and armband was just extra weight! I’ve also forgotten my race-day fuel (I use banana baby food in the little squeeze tubes), which was bad news since GUs and gatorade – the typical on-course fare – do NOT fare well with my gut. 

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    Ditto on Wunderlist! LOVE it! I use it for everything from household chores to work to blogging ideas.

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