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Affordable Fall Decor Inspiration

 A round up of affordable fall wreaths, garland, pillows and other decor, mostly from Target and Crate & Barrel!

Fall is the best for so many of reasons: cooler running weather (ohhh how I’m ready to get back to normal running), sweaters and booties, fall recipes (pumpkin cookies anyone?), and of course, fun fall decor. I’ve never really been one to buy lots of decor for each season (other than the phase I went through in my early 20s where I bought a LOT of Halloween decorations), but this year, I really want to decorate for the season. Maybe it’s part of nesting??

I already bought this wreath for the front door and this wreath to hang inside.

Affordable Fall Decor Inspiration

Exact wreath

Affordable Fall Decor Inspiration

Exact wreath | similar bench | antique mirror

I also purchased this garland and these pumpkins for the mantle. And I want to get a tall vase with some eucalyptus branches and a big lantern to go by the fireplace as well. I really want these yellow plaid pillows and one of these pumpkin pillows for the sofa, but they’re not available to buy yet. But I did get these gray plaid pillows! We have a pink velvet sofa, which I love, but it’s a bit tough to decorate for the fall season, so I went for gray and mustard yellow pillows. Hopefully it comes together well!

Affordable Fall Decor Inspiration

My next goal would be to really decorate the front porch, but I’m not sure that will happen before the baby comes, sometime in the next 1-2 weeks (if not sooner!). I do at least have a few pumpkins and mums, thanks to my brother-in-law!

Affordable Fall Decor Inspiration

I found so many cute throw pillows this year. My plan is to have two main pillows that are neutral (these) and then add more decorative ones as the seasons/holidays change with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So you’ll see a mix of pillows below. I also added a few decorative elements like vases, candles and branches that will highlight the fall season without bringing on too much clutter!

I’ve found Target and Crate & Barrel have the cutest fall decor this year. I was a little disappointed by the Pottery Barn selections, since usually they have great seasonal decor! And after the horrible experience we’ve had with a few nursery items we’ve ordered from West Elm, I won’t order from there! Things we ordered in April still haven’t arrived and I finally cancelled all the orders we could.

Fall Wreaths

Especially here in the south, it seems like there’s a wreath for every occasion. And I don’t hate it! I’ve already bought two for the house (linked above) and both will work for September, October and November. Here are some other wreaths I found while browsing that I love! (Can one have too many wreaths?? Probably, but I love them!)


I’ve also seen a few people making wreaths! I’m not much of a DIY-er but I’m so impressed. I loved the Christmas making wreath class I took a few years ago but it’s much easier when someone supplies everything and does clean-up. The thought of going out and buying things to make my own wreath at home overwhelms me. So online shopping it is!

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    Danielle Waldron

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been meaning to get a new fall wreath for our front door, and this made me do it! I appreciate allllll of the reminders these days!

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