Do AirPods actually work for running? A marathoner runner shares!

I put the Apple Airpods through all the workout tests – running, lifting, elliptical, stair climbing, cycling, stretching, and walking. Here’s what I found.


I get asked about the Apple AirPods (buy here) every time I wear them on Instagram, and my pros & cons are below!

Apple Airpods review running

apple airpods review

Apple Airpods Running (and beyond) Review

Note: I bought mine directly from Apple but Walmart sells them too!


  • I’ve used them for just about every workout you can think of and they did NOT fall out. I used them and loved them for lifting weights, plyometrics & HIIT (jump squats, burpees, jumping lunges), all sorts of core work, stationary indoor cycling and stretching and they did NOT fall out. I haven’t tested them with yoga going upside down. 🙂
  • They don’t fall out with sweat. Well, sometimes. I get very, very sweaty when I workout – like on a scale of 1-10, I’m almost always in the 8-10 range. These have not fallen out in any workout except running.
  • They’re much more convenient. I didn’t realize just how much the cords bugged me until they were gone. I always had to tuck cords under my shirt and then they’d still get tugged while working out, so I love that the cord annoyance is gone.
  • The sound is amazing. I can hear calls and podcasts more clearly. The depth and range of music is amazing.  I’m a bit of a music junkie, so I especially appreciate the sound quality of these tiny things. All of my playlists sound significantly better compared to the corded Apple earbuds.
  • They’re neat and tidy. The compact case is easy to tuck away and put in my pocket or purse vs. cords that always got tangled despite my best efforts, even tying them appropriately. Plus, I hate the visual clutter of cords so the smooth case soothes my soul.
  • They’re more comfortable than any other earbuds I’ve used and they just feel better in my ear.
  • The airpod battery lasts a long time and the case charges them while they’re in there, whether the case in plugged in or not (which I LOVE). You do need to plug the case in sporadically though; I try to remember to do it every night but I’ve definitely forgotten to for a couple days and it still has a charge. And I haven’t noticed that the battery seems to be weakening, which is a question I’ve gotten on Instagram.

apple airpods review

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  • They fall out when running. For me. This can be annoying if you’re training for a marathon or trying to get in the mental mindset of going hard running for fat loss. I still have to use these earbuds with over-the-ear hooks for running but I know MANY people who love them for running including two close friends whom I’ve actually seen out running in them. But I think if the corded Apple Earbuds stay in your ears while running, these will too.
    • UPDATE: I’ve figured out a way for my Airpods to stay in my ears while I run!! If you tip the base slightly forward (towards your chin) rather than straight down, they stay in! I’ve done 20 miles in them without them falling out!
  • They’re pricey – $150 for the older version and more for the newer ones. But I use them SO much that I haven’t regretted paying that once. The convenience of using them for phone calls alone is worth the price since I’m always multitasking (walking, folding laundry, pacing) and they’re just easier than the corded ones. I have, on the other hand, regretted spending money on $80 corded bluetooth earbuds that frizzed out all the time and were uncomfortable. Buy here!
  • I have a distinct fear of losing the Apple Airpods. Two days after I got them I thought I lost them in a parking lot when I got out of my car since the case had been sitting in my lap. I was losing my mind…but then I found them on the floorboard of my car.

apple airpods review

apple airpods review

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If you have them, what do you think? Love em? Hate em?

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do airpods fall out when running

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  • Tracy

    I absolutely LOVE them! I don’t know how I used corded earbuds before! lol. HOWEVER, they do not stay in my ears AT ALL. For anything. Like I put them in and they fall right out. Haha! I researched online and found this solution:
    It takes a little effort to put the Earbuddyz on and take them off again to charge, but it’s totally worth it because once on and in my ears, they do not budge. They might work for you for running! Very inexpensive for 3 pairs, too.

  • Jennifer

    I just got on Sunday for my birthday. I love them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I ran with them Tuesday night. I live in Mississippi…it was HOT and I was SWEATING. I was super paranoid they would fall out. But they didn’t!

  • Anna

    I bought a case for the Airpods cas on Amazon that has a carabeaner, which I keep hooked into my purse!

  • Heather

    Hey I love mine too but also had the same issue with falling out occasionally but amazon has an accessory kit that has ear hooks and they totally fixed the problem. SOme kits come with a strap too if you are doing a certain activity and are afraid of losing them. My kit only cost $8. Completely worth it!!!!