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Christmas 2015 Recap – #Blessed :)

Hi friends! I didn’t mean to take a little blogging hiatus, but I was having such a lovely Christmas and enjoying some downtime and fun times with Tommy’s family that I just didn’t want to pull out my computer. I figured you were also enjoying your friends and family and not missing me or my blog posts too much. 😉

I spent Christmas with Tommy and his family in Boone; it was really wonderful. Maizey had a lovely time at camp while I was out of town. She’s obsessed with the kennel and jumped right out and didn’t even look back when we got there. See ya later Maizey! Merry Christmas to you too! (Lord help me when I have teenagers…)


I got to FaceTime my family on Christmas day, which was nice too, and Tommy got to meet some of my family via FaceTime. My family in Utah got 8” of snow and we had 75* weather and went golfing. I hit a tree 5 times. I was dying laughing. Meanwhile, Tommy’s entire family are total golf pros…


Tommy, unfortunately, was fighting a cold the whole time we were up there (and still isn’t feeling great). But seriously, who is this photogenic when they’re sick?? (I may be biased.) When I posted this on Facebook and Instagram, we got lots of comments that we look alike. We. hear. that. a. LOT. hahaha


Tommy’s family was absolutely wonderful to me and made me feel so welcome. They all got me gifts and his mom even had a stocking fully stuffed for me. SO SO sweet.


His mom got this awesome cookbook I drooled over for a while too!


I also kept the running streak alive – such gorgeous views while running! Tommy’s younger brother ran with me one night, which was really fun. We went 4 miles and ran about a 7:40 pace – it was so nice to have some company and to get to know him a bit better.


I know I say this a LOT these days. But man, I’m so lucky.


Hope y’all had an amazing Christmas! I love to hear about yours! What was the highlight for you?

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    i love it all. they say you’re attracted to those who look like you soooo it makes sense. duh, both cuties. <3

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    I think everyone in my social media feeds has been relaxing this season – which is the way it should be! Looks like a lovely Christmas. The highlight for me was watching my daughter open gifts. She was genuinely excited to open every. single. one. no matter big or small. I love her heart.

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    Alyssa @ RenaissanceRunnerGirl

    Wow, that is an amazing family Tommy has – and you’re right, someone sick should not be so photogenic 🙂

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    That’s great that you were able to spend time with Tommy’s family! So sweet of his mom to get you a stocking too. And you guys definitely do look alike!

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    SO HAPPY FOR YOU. You deserve all the good things, my friend. xoxo

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