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Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

While I am a BIG believer in getting ready every day when working from home, some days just necessitate a more casual, comfy vibe. This post shares some of my cozy WFH essentials.

Our state-mandated stay at home orders have officially kicked in, as I’m sure they have for many of you as well. I’m working from home as a lot of our country is. More than ever right now, I’m so grateful for a job that allows me to be so flexible when the world is in utter chaos. As you might have figured out already in your own home, being home does have some perks (and some challenges, especially if you’re trying to work with kids at home too!!!).

One perk is that you don’t have to wear business attire.

While working in PJs felt so nice when I first starting working from home,  it got old real quick. I just felt kind of gross and I’m hardly as productive in PJs vs. real clothes. While I loved the idea of sweats every day, in reality, I felt SO much better and I was getting work done so much faster when I actually got dressed, even if it was just jeans and a t-shirt and a little mascara.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I am a stickler on the importance of getting ready if you want to successfully work from home. But no, this post isn’t an April Food’s joke. 🙂 Since most of the world is now working from home, I thought I’d put together a post with some of the cozy things I love for working from home. These are items and pieces that are really comfortable and cozy but aren’t pajamas. This way, you have all of the benefits of comfort while still looking pulled together and that will help with productivity!

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Allbirds Shoes

If you haven’t tried Allbirds yet, these are legitimately the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had. I have the Tree Runner pair. They’re made out of eucalyptus tree fiber, which makes them SO breathable and soft. Plus, they are environmentally friendly which makes me feel good. I wear mine with jeans, casual dresses and shorts. They aren’t running shoes, they’re just everyday shoes. You can definitely walk around the block in them, just don’t go workout in ’em. I like to wear these most days since I try to go on 2-3 walks a day and these help encourage that!

See how I’ve worn them below. (This was the day I moved out of my coworking space!)

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Bag

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Top | Jeans | Shoes

Cropped Sweaters

I got a few cropped sweaters in my Trunk Club box and have really loved them. I don’t think I would have thought twice about the length of a sweater making a difference, but it actually does! It makes your outfit look much more pulled together when you aren’t in an over-sized top. Since the weather is still in the transitional stage between spring and winter, lightweight sweaters still work. I also think the cropped style works well with jean shorts for a transitional outfit. I’ve linked my favorites below.

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Sweater | Jeans

Cozy Essentials for Quarantine

Sweater | Jeans

Align Leggings

You’ve probably heard MANY people rave about these leggings, and I promise they’re as good as everyone says. I’m a big fan of these for yoga, the peloton and cross training. They aren’t my go-to running leggings, but I love them for pretty much everything else. (These are the leggings I wear for running.) The Align leggings I’m wearing below look good on everyone, and they feel AMAZING. You could even get away with these for your quarantine video meetings as long as you have a blouse or cropped sweater on top. 😉 They also work as pseudo with longer tops. Get them here. (If you’re between sizes, size down.)

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Leggings | Similar top | Bra

Align Joggers

Similar to the Align Leggings, the Align Joggers are show stoppers. They’re like the leggings, but loose through the leg to make them feel more like pants. They tighten around the low calf, and if you pull them up on your leg a tiny bit, they will look a little more baggy if you like that look for joggers. I wasn’t really into joggers until I tried these and I absolutely love how these fit me.

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Cute Tees & Casual Tops

Cute tees are the perfect thing these days. I especially love this “Be Better” and I have almost every color of the classic J.Crew v-neck tee and I also love pretty much any top that’s striped.

Here are some of my all-time favorites. These are also great buys for when we are out of quarantine – I wear these year-round.

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Casual Top | Jeans

Cozy Essentials for Working from Home

Top | Jeans | Shoes | Headband

casual top

Top | Jeans | Shoes


Ugg Slippers

These slippers are my favorite house shoes. I love them so much that I’ve almost forgotten to take them off as I’m leaving the house. They slip on like mules, and they come in lots of colors. And even though I get dressed everyday, a lot of the time I’m still wearing these throughout the day!! I alternate between these and my Allbirds. Get them here.

Ugg Slippers outfit

Slippers | Leggings | Top | Cardigan | Bag


Bluelight lenses

Disclaimer: I do not own these, I’ve just heard great things! Honestly, I’ve never tried blue light blocker glasses, but lots of people have. Blue light lenses are made to help reduce the negative side effects of staring at a phone or computer screen all day. I don’t know how effective they are, but it’s worth looking into. This is a really pretty pair! You can choose blue-light lenses as the lens option after you choose a frame. I believe Eye Buy Direct offers blue light lenses for all of their frames.

Bluelight lenses

Technology must-haves

When I first started working from home more often, one of the best things I did to make it more comfortable was to get the same tech that I had at the office. That means two monitors (not just one monitor + my laptop – I got two matching-sized monitors), a real mouse rather than using my laptop trackpad and a real keyboard. It makes work much more comfortable and more ergonomically correct, which means less shoulder, neck and wrist pain. I also use Airpods for all my calls or Zoom meetings.

Make sure you have a chair that’s high enough for my desk (I sit on a pillow since I’m so short) and I have this under my desk for support my feet. I also have loads of plants from the Sill in my office to keep things cheery! This and this plant are my favorites and they have been low maintenance and happy ever since I got them!

Cozy Blanket

I always sit with a cozy blanket on my lap me when I sit at my desk at home. My desk is right by the air vent, which means I’m always cold (even when I adjust the temp) so this helps.

Cozy Blanket


A nice coffee maker 

There’s nothing better than a good cup of espresso or coffee (even if it’s decaf!) in the morning. Especially when you can drink it slowly and don’t have to rush to the office. Tommy and I bought a Nespresso this past year and we love it. It makes great espresso and americanos, with a frothy finish. I also froth milk most days now (with this frother). If you aren’t a coffee person, then grab a nice box of tea to try! Enjoy these slower mornings while we have this time.




I would love to hear what you are wearing/using that you’ve found essential for your staying at home time!


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    I love the bag in the top photo! I find I have a much more productive day too if I get dressed and do my normal (although very basic) routine.

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