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Cute Women’s Golf Clothes

I distinctly remember the first time Tommy, my then-boyfriend (now husband), invited me to the golf course. I had NO idea what to wear. Even though I played golf with friends in high school who were on the golf team, it was very casual and I never even thought about what to wear. But I knew that some golf courses have dress codes, so I went to Athleta, got a skirt and snagged a collared shirt from Lilly Pulitzer.

Tommy and I continued to golf together while we were dating, after we got married and now we love to play golf as a family since our son arrived. We’ve played in Pinehurst, in Boone, in Utah, in California and even played on our babymoon! He is an amazing golfer (a scratch golfer, i.e. his handicap is zero) and I’ve been working on my game too. And, it’s really great quality time as a couple.

Outfits linked here

Now that I work for myself AND work from home, I try to get out and play at least once a week for a little social time with a friend. It’s crazy to think that most days I don’t see people other than my family. So this little outing has made a huge difference in my life in the best way.

It’s definitely been a journey to find cute women’s golf clothes – it’s not as easy as you’d think! So many are ill-fitting and/or unflattering. So today, I’m sharing some cute golf clothes, including some of my favorite places to get them. And be sure to download the LikeToKnow.It app and follow me (afoodiestaysfit) – I post my outfit there every time I play!

Okay, let’s get into some outfits!

I’m not going to talk about each outfit since I’ve linked the details below each photo, but I did want to call out my top three picks. So, if you get just ONE outfit for golf, get the below three items, all of which are pictured below in the first outfit.

1. This Spanx skort –  I am OBSESSED with it. It’s my favorite pick for golf and athleisure. It’s so flattering and comfortable. I’m wearing a size small.

2. A white top – this will be the most versatile item in your golf wardrobe! I prefer sleeveless over sleeved, but get whatever you feel best in.

3. True LinksWear golf shoes – I’ve had 7 different pairs of golf shoes over the years and these are far and away the cutest AND the most comfortable. Other golf shoes pinched my shoes, made my plantar fasciitis act up and weren’t that cute. These are comfortable, even walking 9 or 18 holes, are breathable and are so cute and comfy that I often leave them on for the rest of the day because I just forget to change out of them! With other golf shoes in the past, I couldn’t wait to get them off. True Linkswear are true to size, but if you’re between sizes, size up.

Outfit here

1-Outfit linked here

Outfit linked here

Cute Women's Golf Clothes

Outfit linked here

Cute Women's Golf Clothes

Outfit linked here

Cute Women's Golf ClothesOutfit linked here

Outfit linked here

My Favorite Cute Golf Clothes for Women

Golf tops for ladies

Golf feels like one area in life that I can wear something a little more bold. I wouldn’t typically pick a top with lots of mixed color or pattern for a normal outfit, but I tend to love them when playing golf! These are a few of my favorite picks.

Golf bottoms for ladies 

If I wear a more wild top, I stick to a more subtle bottom. Or vice versa!

Colder weather bottoms

Warmer weather bottoms

I love shorts and skorts for the warmer months and chino pants for the cooler months. These are a few that I love. This is my all-time favorite skort by SPANX.

Golf Pullover and Jackets for ladies

Pullovers can make a golf outfit SO much cuter. If you like more simple golf looks, a jacket or pullover can be wear you add your pattern or a fun pop of color.

Golf shoes for ladies

Golf shoes are a great investment if you plan to play a lot. Get one pair that can work with most of your outfits (these are my pick). It’s easier to get different tops than multiple pair of shoes! I usually wear my Sam Edelman loafers to the golf course before changing into shoes. And I always size up half to a full size in my golf shoes like I do with my running shoes since feet expand with activity, especially if you’re walking vs. riding in a cart. My favorites EVER are TRUE Linkswear.

what to wear to play golf

My hat | Top | Pants | Shoes

Golf accessories for ladies

A cute visor or hat will complete your golf look. And make sure to grab some sunglasses too! This visor is my absolute favorite for golfing so if you get just one, invest in this!


And hey, even if you have an off day on the golf course, you’ll feel better about if you feel cute, right? Right.


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