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Daily Harvest Review + why I love it when I’m super busy or stuck at home

Even though I love to cook and typically never buy frozen meals, I’m hooked on Daily Harvest’s smoothies and harvest bowls. Here’s why.

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I first got hooked on Daily Harvest when I was training for the Boston Marathon and working 80 hours a week. During that time, I was fried and didn’t always feel like meal prepping to have healthy lunch options. And often times I was eating two breakfasts since I was so hungry after a mid-week 10 milers. But let’s get one thing straight: I love healthy food but it MUST taste good. So Daily Harvest had a high bar to meet.

I’m usually really good about chopping veggies and cooking things for the week but that doesn’t always happen, especially when I’m in training. I tend to eat the same thing over and over. And now, again, while I’m not training for a race, I’m in a major food rut with the coronavirus leading to very limited grocery store trips. I also am just a little anxious (maybe more than a little) and it’s nice to have a pre-made meal once in a while. (We’re also working to minimize our takeout and instead buying gift cards from the places we typically frequent.) So, I decided to place another Daily Harvest order since I was so impressed last year. 

I thought I’d re-share my review in case in helps you and your family in this crazy time.

Daily Harvest Review

Daily Harvest smoothies and harvest bowls are seriously delicious. They add more variety to my diet, take a little stress off me and make sure I’m getting fruit and veggies in my diet. You can see all their options here.

daily harvest smoothies


For breakfast, I tend to eat a vegetable egg scramble nearly every day and just mix up my side – potatoes or toast or berries or tomatoes or combo of all of those. While I used to make smoothies a lot, it can seem like a lot of time to pull out all the ingredients so I just don’t very often (yes, I can be that lazy), or I just don’t have the right ingredients for a smoothie. The Daily Harvest smoothies are such a nice change for breakfast. The cups are easy to store in the freezer since they’re small and compact, but I do wish the lids weren’t plastic since I try to minimize single-use plastic. (I am NOT very good at this but I am working on it.)

For lunch, I usually make a salad with grilled chicken, or just eat leftovers. And our leftovers tend to be the same thing over and over – grilled chicken + sweet potatoes + roasted veggies. All fine, but even I’m getting a little bored with our food – and I make it!! The Daily Harvest harvest bowls help mix things up for lunch too!

Daily Harvest Smoothies

I first tried the Daily Harvest smoothies a few years ago when I was living in Charlotte. And I remember then being completely shocked by just how good they are. I didn’t have them again until I started ordering them during marathon training and I had the same reaction then that I did the first go-around: They are SO FREAKING GOOD. And I consider myself pretty adept at making a good smoothie!

I usually just make up my smoothies as I go, but there must really be something to measuring some ingredients or have a specific combo. Shocking.

With Daily Harvest, you just take the cup of fruits and veggies, fill it to the top with the recommended liquid noted on the container (water, coconut water, almond milk, etc.) and dump it into the blender. Blend, pour it back into the cup, and you’re done. We’re talking like 60 seconds.

daily harvest smoothies healthy smoothie (Similar blender here. Mine is SO old…this is making me want to upgrade!!! But these things never die.)

daily harvest smoothie daily harvest coupon

My husband also loved the smoothies. Tommy typically just grabs an RX Bar as he runs out the door to work so this is a great way to get some fruits and veggies in him to start his day. And let me be clear – Tommy definitely doesn’t crave health food the way I do. So if he didn’t like a smoothie, he’d tell me. He loved Mint Cacao smoothie so much that he didn’t want to share. (I made him share.)

Harvest Bowls

These are new since I first tried Daily Harvest and they are SO, SO GOOD. They have so much flavor and cook in about 5 minutes. You just dump them in a skillet until warm. (You can also just heat them in the microwave, which is super handy if you’re short on time or don’t want to dirty a dish.)

I usually top mine with leftover chicken or beans since I have a pretty big appetite and the bowls alone aren’t filling enough for me.

daily harvest bowls daily harvest reviews

daily harvest review

What I especially like about the Harvest Bowls is how flavorful they are and how many veggies they pack into them. It’s also really nice to have a warm dish for lunch since my usual go-to’s are a cold or room temperature option like a salad or sandwich.

daily harvest

healthy smoothie

How does Daily Harvest work?

You pick out your smoothies, bowls, soups online, choosing how many cups you want to get in your order (9, 12, or 24 cups) and how often you want them (weekly, monthly). They ship them right to your door with their delivery service, frozen. Just pop them in the freezer until you’re ready to make them.

You can change it for each delivery and skip weeks, which is nice for variety and because stuff just comes up in life. In my case, I usually travel 1-2x a month so the flexibility to skip weeks is key. Although, I bet Tommy would like them when I’m gone, ha! I’m so selfish. 😉 But hey, there is not travel happening these days so maybe that’s an excuse to up my order to the 12 cup option. (I usually do 9 cups.)

Since they’re shipped frozen, you can keep them for a WHILE. Tommy gets so excited when our Daily Harvest box gets dropped off– it’s really cute.

What all can you order?

  • Smoothies – Mint Cacao is my favorite so far! (I remember this from the first go-around with Daily Harvest!! I even attempted to recreate it here!)
  • Harvest Bowls – I LOVED the Brussels Sprouts & Lime Pad Thai. It had the perfect amount of spicy kick, which I loved. And I’m dying to try the Butternut Squash and Kale Shakshuka. They’re full of good for you ingredients so you have SUCH a healthy meal with these bowls. I like to add leftover chicken, tempeh or beans for more protein!
  • Cookies – I’m dying to try all of these since they’re all gluten free!
  • Soups — After I posted some videos of trying the smoothies with Tommy last week, so many of my followers said I HAVE to try the soups because they’re amazing. I’m planning to get some in my next shipment!
  • Chia Parfaits — These are very filling and I especially like the Mango and Turmeric chia bowl.
  • Lattes – I’m dying to try the Coffee + Cardamom one! They’re little frozen pods with all the ingredients for a latte. You add the pod to a mug or sauce pan with your liquid of choice and heat it all up until it melts and combines! You can see the little pods here.
  • Overnight Oat Bowls – Sign me up for the Mulberry and dragon fruit Oat Bowl, please. I’m so intrigued.

None of their ingredient lists are complicated – just clean, simple food. But, they use things I’m probably never going to buy (hi dragonfruit & lychee) and it saves me so much time. I love cooking, but right now I can’t always make something super interesting.

How much does it cost?

Each cup averages around $7 each. And there are certain things in life that I’ll pay a little more for, for convenience’s sake. Yes, it may seem expensive. But so is time.

But really, when you compare it to eating out, it’s definitely cheaper. Most smoothies in my town cost $8-$10 and salads are almost always $10-$15. And if you live in a bigger city, you’re likely paying even more than that. You’re also getting them brought straight to your door. They use a delivery service so we’re talking zero time to go to the store and zero time to prep.

How Daily Harvest differs from other frozen meals

Full disclosure: I RARELY buy frozen meals (e.g. I might buy a frozen pizza like once a year) since freezer meals typically have sketch ingredients, a weird texture and a weird freezer burn taste. But I honestly forget when I’m eating Daily Harvest that they came to me frozen. I also recently tried another similar brand and they were NOT nearly as tasty. And by not nearly as tasty, I really mean nasty. I couldn’t even finish the lunch bowl I tried.

Because of the way Daily Harvest handles the fruits and vegetables, using a unique freezing process, it locks in the nutrients and flavor. Plus, there’s no added sugar, and all of their recipes are packed with fruit and veggies. I don’t feel gross after I eat them. Plus, they just taste good. I’m talking REAL good.

Bottom line: would I pay for this myself?

Absolutely. I got nine cups for free last year (thanks Daily Harvest) but I’m now paying for them out of my own pocket.

If you’ve tried Daily Harvest, I’d love to know what your favorites are for my next order!

If you want to try Daily Harvest for yourself, use this link and promo code TERI to get 3 free cups!!! (valid for new customers only!)

healthy smoothie

This post was originally sponsored by Daily Harvest in 2019, but the updated publication in 2020 was not. All opinions are my own (honest!) thoughts. Big thanks to Daily Harvest for their support of my blog and thanks to all of you for supporting the brands who help make me keep this blog running! 

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  • Reply

    I think I’m finally bite the bullet and try these. I think smoothies would also be a great after school snack for my high school daughter. Do you know if you can skip more than one week in a row?

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I’ve only skipped one week at a time but I’m pretty sure you can skip as many as you!

    • Reply
      Lillian Trikes

      I love the idea the concept the food the ease the price the customer service and the taste I just hope that they stick around for a long time I’ve had other meal services that I loved and then they are no longer around I plan on sticking with this as long as I can

  • Reply

    Can you try it for one week and cancel if you don’t like it? I

  • Reply

    They are SO good!! The smoothies are delicious, the oats are so so incredible (yes to the dragon fruit!!), the harvest bowls are so flavorful and the soups are divine. I’ve had an ED for most of my life and never enjoyed food. With daily harvest, I’m enjoying these new exciting flavors. And it’s so easy to make. I feel good eating this food!! Stay safe and healthy!! -Nora

  • Reply

    I can not believe this is an honest review. I was so disappointed with the harvest bowels. Once you heat them they are just mush of veggies. Very low calorie meals and hence you definitely need something to supplement them as you said with adding the chicken. I thought the Brussels Sprouts & Lime Pad Thai was not edible and disgusting. There are no noodles, not sure why it’s called pad Thai and the kelp added a horrible flavor. I could not have been more disappointed with my order from DH after reading this review.

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Thanks for your comment! Everyone has different tastes – I’m sorry these weren’t your taste! That doesn’t mean my review wasn’t honest. 🙂 I like the brand and their products.

  • Reply
    Paula J.

    Your review convinced me. My eating habits have become terrible with a 2.5 hour commute every day. It’s all I can do to feed the dogs and fall into bed! I’m hopeful these will get me back on track AND leave enough time for exercise. Thank you!

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