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Gift Ideas for Your Man for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day gift guide for your husband or boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Husband (or Boyfriend)

Fun fact: I LOVE Valentine’s Day. LOVE it. Growing up, we had the Valentine Man tradition and as an adult, I still love Valentine’s Day. I love an excuse to celebrate love and I think it’s just a fun, sweet holiday without all the stress of Christmas or the overly done Halloween. (Yep, I said it. Halloween just isn’t my thing – maybe when Thomas is older I’ll appreciate it more!)

I also love the colors and patterns of Valentines day. While I don’t have a lot of decorations for Valentine’s Day, I’m slowly working to collect some simple things! This year, I’m eyeing this wreath or this wreath, this garland for the mantle (easy to hang and take down), this little heart shaped waffle maker (we do Waffle Sundays!), these pajamas from Hanna Anderson, and this cute little pillow cover that would be great on a porch swing.

While we opt to stay in for Valentine’s Day and save the fancy date night for a night out that’s not so crowded at restaurants, I like finding simple ways to celebrate in the month leading up for February 14. It’s also fun to host a Galentines dinner party with girlfriends to celebrate your friendship. And hosting a Galentines dinner is the perfect excuse to really decorate.

Order some cute pink plates or wine glasses, buy some heart-shaped pasta, and set your table on these prefect red placemats. There are really so many things you can do to celebrate that don’t involve gift giving. However, I’m a sucker for buying gifts for the people I love. In fact, over the holidays, I created a page on my blog called “Gift Guide Central” where I made 15+ gift guides for specific people in mind. (It’s still live if you need more gift ideas!)

For my favorite ideas this year, keep reading!

Gift Guide for Your Husband or Boyfriend

 Gift Ideas For Your Man For Valentine’s Day

Shopping for Valentines gifts for the man in your life is really fun because there isn’t usually a huge expectation around gifts (at least in our house). A small something is great, and a bigger gift is usually a happy surprise. One year, Tommy and I decided to gift each other a Peloton. Little did we know that we’d be living through 2020 at home with the gym closed. Talk about best. gift. EVER. But other years, we just go to dinner, or I give him something small that I know he’ll appreciate.

I know that Valentine’s Day gifts can be a little tricky if you just started dating someone or if you have no idea what to get your boyfriend or husband, but you want to get them something!  This post has you covered with gift ideas for your man at lots of different price points.

1. Festive Boxer Shorts 

I think festive boxers are a fun and silly way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Your husband will likely roll his eyes, but I love a silly gift like this. These two pair are less than $15 and would be fun paired with the Yeti mug below. Here’s another pair if this is more his style.

2. A Grill Tool Set 

This set is handsome with the wooden handles and a practical gift for a man who likes to cook on a grill. And then you have an excuse to throw out your old tools if you’ve been needing one ;). This set is just $31. Or if you want to go really big and get something the whole family can use, this pizza oven would be a huge hit. You could even make some heart-shaped pizzas ;). Can you tell I’m obsessed with all things heart-shaped?

3. American Flag Sunglasses Strap

I got this for Tommy a few years ago and LOVES it. It’s even nicer in person – pictures don’t do it justice. If you order in the next few weeks, it should arrive on time. This is $45. I’ve also seen a few other patterns I love like this golden retriever pattern, trout print (great for a fisherman), and this bourbon pattern. They’re all super fun and priced well considering they’re needlepoint.

4. Ugg Slippers

Ugg slippers are anyone’s favorite gift. They’re on the more expensive end of Valentine’s gifts, but Tommy wears them everyday and still talks about how much he loves them, years after I gave them to him. They come in lots of colors and a few of them are even on sale here.

5. Peter Millar Pullover

This is one of Tommy’s favorite brands of clothes. This specific pullover is perfect gift for golf outings since it’s a little thicker than some of their other options. It comes in three color options, and I think my favorite is the Iron/White. This particular pullover is stretchy and sweat-wicking and get this — the fabric is UV blocking. If your man is anything like mine, he spends a LOT of time on the golf course so some UV blocking technology is a  welcomed addition to this pullover.

6. Yeti Coffee Mug 

Now they can keep their coffee hot on the way to work. I will say, these don’t fit into cupholders (if you need one that does, check this out), but I love how much coffee it holds with a handle. It’s great for slow Saturdays since our coffee tends to get cold by the time we get around to finishing it. And there’s something about it being shaped like a true mug that I like. This comes in 13 colors and ships FAST on Amazon prime. I love the green, navy, black, and silver for a guy. And I also love the light pink color if you want to match ;).

7. Carhartt Seat Tool Organizer 

I got one of my brothers this over-the-seat tool organizer for Christmas. It’s so handy, durable, and practical since he always has tools in his car. I love the canvas material of Carhartts! And who doesn’t love when their man’s car is clean and organized?

8. Lululemon Trainer Shorts 

If the man in your life loves to workout, a nice pair of shorts would be a great gift. These are SUPER high quality, look great (you can pick the length!) and come in lots of colors. Many of my guy friends who run love these, and Lululemon will replace their clothes if they start to pill, tear, or become too worn to wear.

9. An experience

If gifts aren’t your thing, plan a getaway the weekend before Valentine’s Day or after! We took a babymoon to Primland for a couple nights ,and it was amazing. Spend time together and enjoy something you both like doing. Or, save your money and make dinner at home. Light a few candles, make a special cocktail, and start a new movie together. I always remember Valentines Day more fondly when I think about the laugher and quality time we spent together. I think this is better than any tangible gift you could ever give.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you need ideas for what to wear for a Valentines date, check out this post.

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    Kate Symons

    Yes!!! These are are awesome practical manly gifts.

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    StoresMart Service

    great post and very helpful for a couple

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    I got my husband a Yeti last year…but I saw your Stanley post earlier. Great for car! How do they compare in terms of keeping a bev cold? (also my husband wouldn’t wear a sunglasses strap but I of course will get *our dog* that golden retriever one!)

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