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10 Gift Ideas for Your Man for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day gift guide for your husband or boyfriend.

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Fun fact: I LOVE Valentine’s Day. LOVE it. Growing up, we had the Valentine Man tradition and as an adult, I still love Valentine’s Day. I love an excuse to celebrate love and I think it’s just a fun, sweet holiday without all the stress of Christmas or the overly done Halloween. (Yep, I said it. Halloween just isn’t my thing – maybe when we have kids. 😉 )

But, I know that Valentine’s Day gifts can be a little tricky if you just started dating someone or if you have no idea what to get your boyfriend or husband, but you want to get them something!  This post has you covered with gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend ranging from $35 – $300.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Husband (or Boyfriend)

1. UGG slippers

Nice slippers make a nice gift, since most men in my life wouldn’t buy them for themselves. These are shaped like loafers, so they feel more masculine than regular slippers. I’ve had UGG slippers of my own for years and i’ve loved them. I got Tommy those UGG slippers for Christmas last year and he LOVES them. He even packed them on our trip to California this weekend, ha!

2.  A slim wallet

This is perfect for the minimalist or the one who travels a lot. It’s has materials built in to protect from electronic card theft, and it’s super thin so it wont feel heavy in his back pocket.

3. Beautycounter Counterman Carry-on set

This travel set is another a great option if your guy travels a lot. The skincare products are awesome and Tommy especially likes the body wash. (I won’t lie, I do too!) It all smells amazing too.

4. Yeti Hopper Cooler

If you’re looking to splurge big time, go for this! This one is easy to carry, not overbearing, but can still hold a good amount. It’s great for trips to the beach, fly fishing trips, loading up on the golf cart, or whatever your guy is into. (My assistant’s boyfriend is a huge fly fisher and he loves his!)

5. An experience

I love the idea of getting Tommy something we could do together, like a gift card to an activity we could do together. Winston-Salem just got an axe throwing place, and I think it would make a fun date night!  🙂 This year, we went on an early Valentine’s Day trip to Terranea Resort in Southern California! (Primally Pure gifted me a two-night stay and we decide to extend a couple days!!)

6. An upgraded coffee mug

Tommy always likes gifts that he can use daily. This coffee mug keeps coffee hot for HOURS. I like that it looks like a normal mug but also has a top for when he heads out the door to work. (Tommy sometimes pours his coffee from a mug to his travel mug – this would solve that!) It’s simple, sleek, and very practical. You could fill it with his favorite candy and make a perfect gift out of it.

7. Monogrammed Steak Brand

Oh yes. I really love this one. It’s funny, unique and guys would LOVE it. If your man loves to grill, what about this monogrammed forged steak brand? He would have a blast grilling dinner while using this. Plus, it’s not anything he’d ever buy for himself.

8. Smart Home Device

Amazon Echo makes a fantastic gift – unless your husband HATES Alexa like mine does, ha! But most guys I know love this, especially to stream Spotify all over the house. (I used to use it to play music for Maizey when we weren’t home.)

9. A nice backpack for play and work

If your guy loves the outdoors, this Osprey backpack is a great idea. It hold 32 liters of water, enough for a hike or day outside without it being too heavy. It also looks very sleek and the black would work well for an office setting. Osprey makes great, quality bags that last forever.

10. Dinner out and a dinner in

You simply can’t go wrong with a dinner out to your favorite place or a new-to-you-both place to explore. Just pick a date NOT on Valentine’s Day since food quality and service often goes down given the crowds. We love to do Thai takeout on Valentine’s Day and then go out the next week to celebrate a nice dinner together.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

For more gift ideas for the man in your life, see this post! 

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