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Gift Ideas for Your Man for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day gift guide for your husband or boyfriend.

Fun fact: I LOVE Valentine’s Day. LOVE it. Growing up, we had the Valentine Man tradition and as an adult, I still love Valentine’s Day. I love an excuse to celebrate love and I think it’s just a fun, sweet holiday without all the stress of Christmas or the overly done Halloween. (Yep, I said it. Halloween just isn’t my thing – maybe when Thomas is older I’ll appreciate it more!)

But, I know that Valentine’s Day gifts can be a little tricky if you just started dating someone or if you have no idea what to get your boyfriend or husband, but you want to get them something!  This post has you covered with gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend ranging from $35 – $300.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Husband (or Boyfriend)

Pullover Jacket 

Tommy loves Peter Millar, and this pullover is on sale right now! A nice piece of clothing is usually a good gift for the men in my life. Tommy rarely wants to buy clothes for himself, but he’d be really excited to receive this pullover. It comes in 3 colors too!

A slim wallet

This is perfect for the minimalist or the one who travels a lot. It’s under $20 but looks way more expensive than that.

Yeti to-go coffee mug

Yeti coffee mugs are perfect gifts for a budget. You could even gift it to him when you give him his coffee in the morning on Valentine’s Day.I like this one because it doesn’t have a handle so it’s easier to take in the car to work.

Cast Iron Skillet

If your man like to cook, a cast iron skillet is a PERFECT gift. You can make almost every recipe you’d imagine in this thing. It’s also great over an open fire, if he likes to go camping. It’s also a fun thing to use on date night for cooking in (I use mine for shakshuka almost every week). They’re really affordable too!

Ugg Slippers

Tommy loves these slippers. They’re on the more expensive end of Valentine’s gifts, but Tommy wears them everyday and still talks about how much he loves them, months after I gave them to him.  If you are looking for slippers but want a lower-end price range, these are nice too.

Amazon Echo

We play music throughout our house all day, and I love Alexa. Tommy hates Alexa (she freaks him out), but if your man likes Alexa, one of these makes a great gift!

Counterman Shave Cream

The men in my life hardly ever buy anything for their skin, so I do it for them. I love gifting Counterman shave cream since all guys love it. (I gave it to my father in law for Christmas last year and he’s already asked where to get more.) It smells nice and makes a really nice gift, since it’s something most guys won’t splurge on –the first time anyway.

An experience 

If you’d rather celebrate by getting something together, I recommend an experience. Go away (COVID-safe of course) for the weekend and relax. Our favorite places for a weekend getaway are Primland in VA, Boone and Blowing Rock in the North Carolina mountains, and Pinehurst, NC. Or try take-out from a new local restaurant or do takeout from your favorite spot, like we did on our first Valentine’s Day (and still do!). If you want to splurge on a nice gift to share, last year Tommy and I gifted each other a Peloton for Valentine’s Day and we LOVE it.

Need more gift ideas? These are other things Tommy has and loves!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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