Marathon Weekend Wrap-up

We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather on Saturday. The day before the race was filled with a crazy rain storm and the day after was pretty cold. We had clear skies and 60s on race day. God must be a runner too.
On Sunday, we headed over to Blowing Rock with my mommy. It was a cute little town and we saw many enormous pumpkins, so of course, we small people who are enthralled by large objects wanted to sit on one. Does it look like I’m grimacing more than smiling? Because I was. Even bending my legs that much to sit on the pumpkin hurt. A lot.
And Maizey had a great time too. Don’t you just want to kiss her on the face?? I want to. All the time. Not that I actually do it….of course not.

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    Congratulations on an awesome marathon,I'm so glad everything went well. I'm also a little jealous, next year had better be my year.

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    i don't want to kiss her face – – actually. It looks a little slobbery. But, I do want to rub her little ears. They look super soft and floppy!

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    Congratulations on your marathon! And, I love the pictures of you and your Mom. You're both so beautiful!
    Miss you!

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    Ash, her ears are super soft. You'd like them. 🙂

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