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Recent outfit roundup – January

Winter outfits that are cute, practical and comfortable. I linked everything for ya, so you can shop whether you use Trunk Club or not!

Is there anything that’s more annoying than being uninspired after the holidays? I feel like there’s such a slump that comes from post-holiday highs. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting back into routine, but it’s been hard so far in 2020.

Something I decided to do this year to help me feel a bit more inspired is really work on my wardrobe – getting rid of pieces I don’t truly love and replacing them with things that will last for years and make me feel great. But, I hate shopping, so I signed up for Trunk Club. This is NOT sponsored (but that’d be great Nordstrom, if you’re reading this 😉 ) and I’m telling you, it is so well done.

Trunk Club January Outfit Roundup

Like I shared in last month’s outfit round-up, Trunk Club is a monthly clothing subscription, similar to Stitch Fix and daily Look, but it’s through Nordstrom directly. I already shop from Nordstrom almost exclusively (hello best return policy and customer service!) so this was a really easy choice for me. Also since it’s through Nordstrom, I can use Nordstrom Notes from their reward program and if I want more of something (like the black version of the leopard sweater I ordered!), I can just find it on their site.

You get your own stylist and they pick out things for you to try, based on a survey you fill out. If you want to try it and have the same stylist I have, use this link! I got my first Trunk Club this past December and got my January one recently. Both knocked it out of the park. You can see what my December box had in it in this post.

All that to say, most of my January outfits had a piece or two from this box. In January I wore lots of lightweight sweaters and jeans. Since I’ve been working from home, I get to wear jeans and sweaters most days and I am LOVING that aspect. I got a few amazing dresses in my box this month too, though, so ill be dressing up a little more often for work since I’m so excited about them!

Casual Outfits

First off, this leopard top. You’ll notice I wear this one a lot – I LOVE it. (You can see more photos of me in it on Instagram and on my LikeToKnowIt page.) I ended up buying the black version after I got the leopard print in my first trunk. It’s pretty lightweight and comes in 12 other colors. It’s really cozy and stretchy. I like the v-neck a lot, and it’s not too low on me.

These jeans were a recent find that I’m excited about! They’re by Hudson so they’re fantastic quality, plus they’re high waisted (which is ultra flattering!). I’ve been wearing these jeans almost exclusively this month. They have a raw hem which is a really nice detail that makes the outfits  feel a little more “laid back”. These booties were a buy from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this past August and I’m SO glad I got them then. I remember being a little unsure if I’d wear them or not since they have a tight-ish shaft, but I have LOVED them. You’ll see these in a few more outfits below. The pointy toe with the suede is hard to beat.

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Top | Jeans | Booties


This chunky sweater has been a staple in my winter closet for YEARS – not kidding. I’ve always loved this thick cable knit material and how it feels cozy and heavy. The v-neck definitely helps make it more feminine since it’s oversized. I’ve also had these purple pants for LONG time. Unfortunately they’re sold out, but I’ve linked a very similar pair. They are so versatile, even though a bold color like this might seem daunting to try to match with other things. I promise I’ve gotten good wear in them.

And of course, I’m in my Ugg slippers. These babies are my FAVORITE for the cold months. We have a lot of hard wood in out home, so these are amazing. I’ve had them for years and recommend them all the time.

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Sweater | Pants | Slippers

This outfit is perfect for going on a walk or a hike but is isn’t totally athletic-wear. Sometimes I want to be in clothes that are great for running errands but also will let me move a little bit, and this is my go-to. I love this quarter-zip it because it’s super lightweight and can be a great base layer if you need to be a little bit warmer. I’ve talked about the shoes before but they are one of the best purchases I made in 2019! I love On Cloud sneakers because of how light they are and how great they are for slipping on and off if you’re running around about your day.

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Quarter Zip | Jeans | Sneakers | Watch


I’ve also had this sweater for more than a few years and wear it every year without blinking. I almost always opt for a v-neck because it’s so flattering. And speaking of flattering, these black jeans are perfeciont. If you haven’t tried Madewell jeans yet, you should. These are a high waisted pair that I just got and I’m so thrilled by how well they fit. They fit straight out of the box which is one of the best feelings ever.

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Sweater | Black Jeans | Booties

Can we all say thank you for the fact that turtlenecks are in the season! Keeping my neck warm always helps my body stay so much warmer, haha! I love this Patagonia vest that I’ve had for a really long time, and just like all my other Patagonia, its quality is amazing and I’m always so glad to have it in the back my closet. These are the same jeans I was talking about in the first photo I posted. The raw hem looks really cute with these booties too!

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Turtleneck | Vest | Jeans | Booties | Glasses

I told you I loved this top! Like I said in the first photo, you can get this top and 12 other colors and I highly recommend that you try at least one! I love how stretchy and soft it is. It’s been a really great basic for me this season. I also love pairing this top with black jeans or my Spanx leggings, pictured here. I think if I wore some high black boots this would be a perfect outfit for a date night! Maybe a fun gold earring? Love this look.

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Sweater | Spanx leggings

Okay this might be one of my favorite outfits from my Trunk Club box this month. I love that this sweater is cropped a little shorter than most of my other sweaters.  These boots were SO fun to get in my box, too! I love the height of the heel (I think they’re technically 3″). They’re suede and hit right at my knee. I love these jeans. They’re my Good American pair that I’ve raved about before. So stretchy and so flattering. I ended up seeing the boots back because I wasn’t sure how much I would wear them, but seeing this photo again, I kind of regret that – ha! But hey, I know where to find them!

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Sweater | Jeans | Boots

This is the same outfit as above, but with another view of the sweater! It has a split in the back that I LOVE.

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Sweater | Jeans

This sweater came in my box too! It’s the same length as the one above, and I am LOVING the cropped look! It doesn’t show my belly, but it hits right at the top of my jeans. The bell sleeves might be my favorite part, but I was uncertain how practical they would be for eating, working and living. So… I sent it back, but again, I kind of wish I hadn’t – ha! The dark green color is great too.

These jeans came in my box and I’ve loved having a lighter wash high-waisted pair. With the length of this sweater, the high waisted jeans are even more flattering. Pro-tip: If you show the top of high-waisted jeans, your legs look SO long! These jeans have that really nice raw hem too. (I sent these jeans back since they were too big.)

Trunk Club January outfit roundup

Green sweater | Jeans


Date Night Outfits

Y’all. This dress is from Amazon. I KNOW! I am OBSESSED. It comes in 23 colors. Yes, you read that correctly. 23 colors! It hits right above my knee, so I can definitely wear this for work! I love that it ties at my waist (so flattering) and I love the price the most. This dress is $25!! I love this pale blue color, but they have so many other good ones too! This cheetah print purse came in my Trunk Club box and I love it with an outfit like this. I’ll probably only use it when i’m wearing solid colors, but I’m so excited about it! These pumps are on MAJOR sale, too!

Date Night Outfits

Dress | Heels | Purse

This outfit was perfect for date night! I prefer dark wash jeans for date night because they feel dressier. This blouse is old, but I’ve linked two really cute alternatives below. I talked about these booties above as well, but you can see how the pointy toe makes this outfit feel very put together. I’ve found that rounded toe booties feel more casual. This purse is also an oldie (but goodie!) and I’ve linked a very similar option below for this too!

Date Night Outfits

Blouse (1) (2) | Jeans | Booties | Purse

I love the black on black look of this outfit. The best part is the blouse, which has a really cute metallic pattern on it, and the blouse sleeves are sheer. This is a showstopper for sure. The photo doesn’t do this outfit justice, but it was so flattering. These jeans are the Madewell pair I was talking about earlier. They’re high waisted and just the BEST.

Date Night Outfits

Blouse | Jeans | Boots

This is a similar look (black-on-black) but more casual. I love this top! It’s actually the same top as the cheetah top I have on in the photos above! You’ve heard me rave about it, so I’ll save you here. But for real, if you need a new basic, check this top out. These leggings are the Spanx faux leather leggings that I got during the Nordstrom Sale. I actually got a second pair in my Trunk Clu box because my stylist really wanted me to try the petite version in a larger size! (She sent a Petite Small and I previously owned the Regular XS.) She’s the best, right?! And she was right, they fit a LOT better than my other ones, so now I gotta sell those on Poshmark! And these booties are just short Chelsea style rainboots that I wear if I’m not feeling clunky Hunter boots.

Date Night Outfits

Top | Leggings | Boots


Business Casual Outfits

This first dress is a midi length which I wouldn’t normally go for, but that’s the beauty of Trunk Club – you get to try SO many things on that you wouldn’t otherwise! It has a really dainty tie at the waist that gives it great shape, and its SO comfortable! The length is perfect for work, because you never have to guess if it’s too short. I ended up sending the dress back since I decided I din’t LOVE it on me and I’m only going for HECK YES items in my closet.

These heels came in my box too and I LOVE having a leather pump that isn’t too tall and goes with everything. They’re comfortable too with the block heel.

Business Casual Outfits

Dress | Heels

Guys, this dress. Again, a dress I probably wouldn’t try on if I walked by it, but I LOVED once I got it in my box. It’s another midi length but it has sooo much texture and the length is really nice. I love these muted colors for winter and the collared neck makes it professional without being boring. I also LOVE these heels. I’ve had them forever.

Business Casual Outfits

Dress | Heels

I got this blazer in my Trunk Club box in December and LOVED it immediately. I’ve always really liked blazers, and this one goes great with jeans. I love the sleeves rolled up a little for a causal look. These jeans are a smooth, dark wash that I love for work. And the booties were one of the BEST things in my box, because they felt good as soon as I put them on, not even kidding. How often does that happen? I wore them all day and they never hurt my feet.

Business Casual Outfits

Blazer | Blouse | Jeans | Booties

My favorite part about this dress is the tie detail at the sleeves. Since this is such a good basic dress, the ties really add some femininity. This is another great work option since it hits at my knee. I love wearing dresses like this because they’re comfortable all day and I can wear pretty much any bra with it (always a plus, right?). I sent it back since it was a little too big and a tad too long on me, but I may reorder it in a different size or color (hot pink perhaps?!) and then just get it hemmed.

Business Casual Outfits

Dress | Heels

Here’s another view of the dress! See how it hits right in the middle of my knee? Meh. I want it decidedly below so it’s midi or just above the knee to lengthen my lengths. The hot pink one is making me think it’d be worth getting it hemmed! I LOVE the color.

Business Casual Outfits

Dress | Heels

And that’s it so far for my Trunk Club January outfit roundup! You can always see what I’m wearing on my LikeToKnow.It page and see what I’m wishing for here.

If you decide to try Trunk Club for yourself,  use this link to have the same stylist I have!

Shop The Trunk Club January Outfit Roundup

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