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Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

The outfits I’ve been wearing all winter. I’m loving cozy sweaters, booties and a new clothing subscription!

This winter I finally tried something I’d been eying for a while and I’m now obsessed: Trunk Club. It’s a clothing styling subscription through Nordstrom, and while I’ve tried multiple styling companies like StitchFix and DailyLook, but this one is for sure the best I’ve ever tried. Like the other ones, you fill out a quick questionnaire about your style, sizes, preferred price points. You can also note if you’re looking for specific items (like new shoes or a black blazer) or shopping for a specific event (like vacation, a wedding or just a wardrobe refresh.

Your stylist will send you a box preview before it ships so you can remove items you know you won’t like or share if anything is priced too high. Then, it ships out for you to try on and then you mail back anything you don’t want to keep. The styling fee is $25 and it goes towards anything you keep.

I hate shopping (seriously, ask my employees!) and Trunk Club makes it painless.

My FAVORITE part is that everything is from Nordstrom, which is where I prefer to shop anyway. With Trunk Club, I know the brands and I know the quality, which was not the case with other styling services. Plus, I can easily buy more of something if I want, e.g. I already bought the black version of a leopard sweater I got in last month’s box since I loved it so much.

I got my second box this week and I was really happy with it again – I kept everything except one pair of jeans.  I’ve been trying to find some pants that are not skinny jeans and they sent me the cutest cigarette pants with a few blouses and sweaters. I was also looking for some blazers and they sent me the most perfect tweed blazer that I am loving!

This is NOT sponsored – I wish!

But I’ve been so happy with it that I wanted to share! If you use this link you’ll get the same stylist I have!

Okay, here’s what I’ve been wearing this month, some from Trunk Club and some not! I have it organized by outfit type so if you’re shopping for a certain type of outfit (casual, work, activewear, dresses), you can jump to that section!


Casual Outfits

This outfit is from my Trunk Club membership. The shoes felt amazing right out of the box (how often does that really happen?!) – they’re a nice alternative to traditional booties and warmer than my typical go-to loafers. The sweater is SO soft and NOT itchy. This one is a very pale pink and goes great with jeans. I’m wearing Good American jeans here which were a purchase during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They’re some of the best jeans I’ve ever worn since they’re flattering, comfortable and go with everything.

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Sweater | Jeans | Booties | Made by Mary necklace

I’m really excited about this Patagonia vest. I have the Nano puff coat and it’s great, but a little thinner than this. This one is the Down Vest and it’s SO warm. This is a lot thicker than what I have, and I’m really glad I have the variety now!  This top is a long sleeve polo shirt and I’m wearing it in the next 3 photos (I obviously like it!).

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Vest | Top | Jeans | booties

Same outfit here, just a different photo! The vest was perfect for my recent trip to Pinehurst, NC. The weather was SO nice when we were there and a coat would have been too warm. This vest has a 10/10 rating from me.

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Vest | Top | Jeans | booties

Same top, but different pants for the golf course. Mine are literally 10 years old from Banana Republic, but these are nearly identical, and since they’re a wool blend, they’re warm! If you get a pair of pants like this, make sure they hit the right place on your leg. Have them hemmed if necessary. The length is what makes these work – right above the ankle bone.

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

 Top | Pants | booties | Sunglasses

Let’s talk cozy for a second. I absolutely LOVE when clothes look cute and put together but feel like pajamas. This outfit is the perfect mix of that for me. This cardigan has lasted a long time and I’ve loved it every winter, and same with the booties!

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Top | Cardigan | Leggings | Booties | Necklace

This sweater is super soft, too! I love the color. It’s sort of an oatmeal white and looks so good in the winter. These jeans are also a great find. They fit RIGHT when I put them on. They’re the Madewell  Roadtripper jeans. I’m really excited about these because now that I know this cut fits me, I can buy them in every single wash. 🙂

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Sweater | Jeans | Booties | Glasses | Necklace

Another casual sweater look. This sweater is a little longer in the back so it covers my bum, which is perfect for leggings! These leggings are super soft and since they’re tight, they tuck into these boots perfectly without gathering at the top. I’ve had these boots for a while but I linked a newer pair that looks SO nice. (Speaking of boots, I’m so happy to be out of my walking cast!!)

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Sweater | Leggings | Boots

I’ve had this Patagonia pullover for a really long time but I love it year after year since the pattern is so fun. Now let’s talk about these boots for a second. These are by Clarks so you know the quality is amazing. And they’re so comfortable! They come in five different colors/materials. I need to spray mine with water-resistant spray so I can wear them in all  types of weather!

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Patagonia Pullover | Jeans | Booties

I’ve had this Oiselle shirt for such a long time and people always ask where it’s from and I used to never be able to find something that looks similar, but recently I hit the jackpot! The one that I linked is by New Balance and it looks almost identical to this one! It has a UPF 40 protection and it’s super breathable so you can wear it when you’re hiking in the summer or for a walk in the winter. It’s a really subtle striped off-white color and pairs beautifully with my off-white Patagonia pullover! These rainboots are amazing, too! They’re short and lightweight.

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Top | Jeans | Rainboots

How cozy does this sweater look? I can promise you it’s even cozier on than it looks in this picture. Mine is the version from last year but I linked this year’s version – I sized up! These burgundy pants are also a pretty popular find the season. I get questions about them every time I wear them! I think it’s really fun to have something fun like this in your closet that doesn’t have to be super bold but definitely a little bit different than some blue skinny jeans. 

Recent Outfits + Trying Trunk Club (not sponsored!)

Sweater | Pants | Booties

I posted this throwback picture on Instagram and got more questions about Tommy’s coat than mine for once, ha! Here’s a link to his.

My outfit: Jacket | Jeans | Booties    His outfit: Jacket | Boots | Jeans


I’ve had this flannel shirt for years and still wear it every winter! The most notable thing In this photo is that I’m not wearing my Garmin – ha! I’m wearing a  Daniel Wellington watch – it’s a little bit more cute than my running watch and always makes me feel more put together.

Top | Jeans | Booties | Watch | Necklace

This chambray shirt is another one that I’ve had for years and I can wear this shirt in every single season. In the winter I like to wear it with an outfit like the picture below, or with a sweater on top for a little bit more of a preppy look. In the summer, I pair it with shorts. I’m wearing my favorite Spanx leggings that are faux leather and have such a fun sheen to them. I got them during a Nordstrom anniversary sale and they’re one of my favorite buys. They’re tight (duh, they’re Spanx, Teri!) but once you get used to them they feel so good.

Top | Leggings | Booties

The burgundy pants are back again! This time with a striped sweater.

Sweater | Pants | Booties

I LOVE cheetah print. If you go look at my Wishlist, you’ll see that I have so many cheetah print pieces on there. I just think it’s so fun but can be very classy and polished when done right. This top comes in 11 colors and it’s a great cut AND a great price so I’ll be stocking up. It’s sooo soft and flattering. (This is the one I referenced at the top of the post that I got in my Trunk Club and then bought in black!) Here’s another photo of me in the sweater.

Top | Jeans | Booties


Work Outfits

This blazer and blouse also came from Trunk Club. I requested a fun blazer that was also timeless and my stylist nailed it with this tweed option. The blouse comes in so many other colors as well and since it’s a long sleeve, it can be worn without the blazer!

Blazer | Blouse | Heels | Jeans

See? I love this blouse SO much. I rolled the sleeves up just a tad in this photo and I think it looks really cute. Also, I’m pretty proud of how my hair turned out in the photo! You can see my hair curling tutorial here.

Bouse | Heels | Jeans

This is another great work outfit because it’s pretty easy to put together! Since it’s really old, I was only able to find a couple similar options. Unfortunately, I can’t find the flats so I’ve linked another pair with the cute bow. I really like this look because I think the dark colors can only be worn for so long during the year and so it’s really fun to be able to do it while the season’s right! I’m also trying to re-wear things in my closet that I haven’t worn in a long time, so this was a fun outfit to put together.

Blouse | Jeans | Flats (similar)

This was the other outfit I got in my Trunk Club! Remember when I was talking about those pants at the beginning of this post? These are them! I love a fun cigarette pant. The shoes were included in my shipment too and I love them! They’re simple, but a great quality pump that I will wear with plenty of outfits and the block heel makes them very easy to walk in. This blouse can be worn with a blazer, tucked into the front of some jeans, or with an outfit like this. I love how versatile it is! I think the pattern is really fun and it’s probably not something I would’ve put off the shelf originally, so another great reason to be using the Truck Club.

Blouse | Pants | Heels | Glasses

This black turtleneck is a perfect basic to have in your closet and it’s really affordable.  I think a turtleneck goes with a most everything– a denim jacket, skirts, with jeans. You name it. The green skirt is by J.Crew and they sell it year after year for a reason! It’s flattering on everyone and easily dressed up or down.

Turtleneck | Skirt | Boots | Necklace



This cropped bra was another find during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I’ve seen other bloggers wearing it and raving about it, and what they say is true – it’s beyond comfortable, even if you have a larger chest like I do (I’m a 32 C or D, depending on my weight fluctuations). I wouldn’t run in it since it’s not designed for high-impact (not enough support), but I love it for yoga, lifting or cycling.

Crop Top Bra | Leggings | Headphones

You know you live in the south when you can wear this outfit in December. These shorts are my all time favorites. Lululemon has the best quality EVER and I wear their stuff most times that I work out. This top is old, but I linked another great top from Lululemon below.

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Headphones


I’ve gotten hundreds of compliments about this dress, and I hate having to tell people that I can’t find it anymore since I bought it four years ago from Asos! However, I found one very similar and linked it below. The color works so well for the winter and would be perfect for holiday party. Speaking of holiday parties, you can find my post about holiday party dresses here. I shared tips on how to accessories a dress you already own so it works for the holidays too!

Dress | Shoes | Earrings (similar)

This dress was another great find. I love it because you can wear it off the shoulder or on the shoulder for more of a scoopneck look. I’m wearing it with booties in this photo but you could wear with heels, wedges, or tall boots and get away with all of them. I think this is a great staple black dress and could transition really well into spring. (I really need to take a photo without my walking cast so you can actually tell how cute it is!!!)

Dress | Booties

Other Holiday Dress picks


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