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Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything

Struggling to find gifts for runners who have everything? This gift guide has you covered with gift ideas ranging from $5 – $400.

As a long-time runner who has run four marathons and over 20 half marathons, I get asked a lot this time of year gifts are best for runners. It’s usually being asked by friends, parents or spouses of hard core runners or brand new runners, and I love hearing when loved ones are supporting their favorite runners in their goals! But I know it can be difficult to find gifts that they don’t already have, since most runners love their gear and love trying new gear. I’ve compiled some of my personal favorites that I use year-round for running, with gifts ranging from $20-$400, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your favorite runner.


Gifts for Runners Who Have Everything


1 –  This Noxgear reflective vest is by FAR the best of all the various reflective vests I’ve tried over the years. A reflective vest is absolutely necessary for running at dusk or early in the mornings, especially in the winter months with limited daylight. I did all of my Boston Marathon training runs in this vest, including some 15+ mile runs in it, and it never bothered me. It’s extremely lightweight and the solid or flashing lights provide more visibility than reflective material alone.

(Tip: Give an extra pack of batteries with this gift since they do need to be replaced every 1-2 months, depending on how much your runners uses it each week.)

2 – I got this Hypervolt for Tommy for Christmas last year since he decided to train for a half marathon and after our runs, we both loved using it on our calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes. I also used used it on the soles of my feet when I was dealing with plantar fasciitis. (And since I sit at a desk most days, I love using it on my tight right trapezius.)  It’s essentially a deep tissue massage in your own home at any time. The massage level can be INTENSE;  I’ve never even gone up to the highest setting. If you’re looking to splurge, this is the gift.

3 – If your favorite runner logs more than 5-6 miles at a time or they run during the hot summer, they really need to carry water with them. I use this Nathan water bottle that has a little hand pouch so you can hold onto it without gripping too much (it essentially straps onto your hand). It has a pocket for little things like GUs and car keys, too.

4 – There’s nothing worse than having to squint through a run. These sunglasses are the ONLY ones I’ll wear. They don’t slip, even when you’re VERY sweaty. (Trust me, I put them through some seriously hot and humid runs during the summer months.) They come in so many so many cute colors too.

5 – There’s nothing like a warm bath after a long run in the cold winter months. I love adding epsom salts to my bath. These ones smell amazing and help those sore muscles. You could also buy unscented epsom salts and gift a few essential oils for them to add to their bath.

6 – These Apple Airpods are one of my best purchases ever. I use them for easy runs when I listen to music or podcasts. (You can see my favorite running playlists here.) These stay in my ears, even when I’m sweaty, and the sound is fantastic. I also cannot take phone calls without them. Hands free is the way to go. (Read my full review here.)

7 – Long-sleeved layering tops are staple pieces for every runner, for running in colder weather and I find I can never have enough. This one is super flattering. I’ve had mine for three years and it still looks brand new, even after logging 30-50 miles a week in it.

8 – Need a stocking stuffer for your runner? These socks are the best of all time. I wore them on race day for the last two Boston Marathons. They’re worth every penny.

9 – You knew this was coming: I live in this watch, running or not. But for running, it’s KEY to my training plans since it tracks distance, laps, pace, time, programs workouts, everything. If your favorite runner doesn’t have one, make their day and years – they never stop working. (Read my review here.) And if you’re debating whether or not you need a GPS running watch, read this post with pros and cons.

10 – Runners are hungry people. To help feed your distance runner, get them a subscription to something like Thrive Market or Daily Harvest. Thrive Market is like Whole Foods but with much better prices, and Daily Harvest makes it easy to make a delicious post-run smoothie in no time. My favorite snacks and treats from Thrive Market are plantain chips, Smart Sweets, Lily’s chocolate, Hu Chocolate, Siete chips and Simple Mills crackers. You can read my Daily Harvest review here – get the mint chocolate chip for sure!

Okay, your turn – if you’re a runner, what would you love to get for Christmas this year? If you need more ideas for a specific runner, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to help you!


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    I have a hydration backpack on my list this year. TMI, but I’m someone who sweats a LOT and needs to take in more water than most when running and there is ONE water fountain in my city.

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    Danielle Waldron

    Socks, socks, socks! A runner can never have too many socks! I also asked for more reflective running gear, including a reflective collar for my dog!

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