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10+ Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything

Struggling to find gifts for runners who have everything? This gift guide has you covered with gift ideas in all price ranges.

As a long-time runner who has run four marathons and over 20 half marathons, I get asked a lot this time of year gifts are best for runners. It’s usually being asked by friends, parents or spouses of hard core runners or brand new runners, and I love hearing when loved ones are supporting their favorite runners in their goals!

But I know it can be difficult to find gifts that they don’t already have, since most runners love their gear and love trying new gear. These gifts are in lots of price ranges, so you’re sure to find something.


10+ Gifts for Runners Who Have Everything


1. Muscle Roller 

As a runner myself, this muscle roller is so essential for working out the tightness in my legs. I try to use mine a few times a week, and I really do notice a difference. It’s more expensive that other rollers, which makes it a really nice gift that they’d be excited about.

2. InsideTracker

Biometric test would make a unique gift this year. This service analyzes your bloodwork and gives you specific recommendations for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle on what to improve as it relates to your health and fitness. I love it! Read my review here. More information here. Use this link and code AFOODIESTAYSFIT at checkout for 25% off an InsideTracker plan + a Free InnerAge.

3. Light vest

I use this every time I run in the dark. It’s waterproof, and I feel so much safer with this on. My three best running friends have it too and love it.

4. Equilibria CBD Relief Cream 

I LOVE this stuff. And so does my mom! It’s a thick balm that you rub on any spots with pain and the CBD in the cream helps relieve pain and inflammation. I have a review of why I love this brand of CBD here. Use code “afoodiestaysfit” for 15% off your first order!

5. Garmin Running Watch

I LOVE my Garmin Watch so much, and I haven’t wanted to upgrade from my old one. This would be what I would get if I decided to get a new one. I love the white band. Garmins are such good watches too (read my review here)!

6. Running socks

They are ALWAYS needed. New socks are the best!! My favorite budget pick is this Zella pair, but I have a list of all the best socks here. My personal favorite are Injinji’s– yes, they’re weird looking but I love them since I have some foot problems!

7. Hypervolt Massage Gun

This Hypervolt is used in sports massages because it’s so effective. I got Tommy one of these last year and we both love it.

8. Goodr Sunglasses 

These Goodr Sunglasses are the only ones I wear. They come in lots of colors and they don’t slip off my face!

9. Running Cookbook

I always recommend this when I get asked about running nutrition. It makes a perfect gift! (I’ve actually given it to four friends for Christmas and birthdays!)

10.  AfterShokz Earphones 

I tried AirPods for a while, but these are much better (and safer!). Read review here.

11. Sunscreen

Even if they don’t love it, all runners know they should be wearing sunscreen, especially on their face. This sunscreen is very sheer and it’s the best that I’ve tried. It doesn’t leave a white cast, which is really nice since most mineral sunscreen does.

Okay, your turn – if you’re a runner, what would you love to get for Christmas this year? If you need more ideas for a specific runner, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to help you!

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  • Reply

    I have a hydration backpack on my list this year. TMI, but I’m someone who sweats a LOT and needs to take in more water than most when running and there is ONE water fountain in my city.

  • Reply
    Danielle Waldron

    Socks, socks, socks! A runner can never have too many socks! I also asked for more reflective running gear, including a reflective collar for my dog!

  • Reply

    Hi! I’m furloughed indefinitely and really wanted to give my husband the Hypervolt for our anniversary…but I ran across a Trigger Point model sold on REI that is under $200 (maybe including Co-op dividend, don’t remember). Anyway, way more affordable in case anybody is looking. It’s great!!!

  • Reply

    A treadmill! I’ve been wanting to get one for quite some time, and the pandemic basically sealed my decision. I was going to buy it for myself, but luckily my boyfriend offered to buy it for my Christmas gift. I’ve been doing some research, and honestly I’ve struggled to find one that’s in stock ?) Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I haven’t researched treadmills personally so I’m not much help. I’ve heard great things about the Peloton Tread and Runner’s World usually has a helpful round-up of best treadmills each year!

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