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Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything

Struggling to find gifts for runners who have everything? This gift guide has you covered with gift ideas ranging from $5 – $260.

I get asked every year by friends and family and followers on Instagram for ideas to give their runner friends. And every year, I try to think of things that are different from the usual gift guide, i.e. SOCKS. Recovery items are some my favorite gifts since runners don’t typically want to spend money on them. As a runner, it’s much more fun to buy new shoes or running shorts, but I really NEED recovery items like rollers and soaking salts and I never seem to have comfy, warm clothing to wear after a run. I included a couple of items I own and love, plus a few things I’d love to receive. If you really get into a bind shopping online since time is running out before Christmas, you can likely find most of these at a local store too! Oh, and every runner I know would LOVE a massage gift certificate so that’s always a great last-minute option!

Gifts for Runners Who Have Everything

  1.  This massage roller is a MUST-HAVE for any runner. It’s amazing for post-run sore muscles and it’s kind of fun to use, unlike foam rollers which are a nightmare to use. (Seriously, no one actually enjoys laying on the ground, right?)
  2.  Speaking of sore muscles, these soaking salts are great for some TLC too. I’d be so excited to plop into a tub of those after a cold winter run. These also smell amazing and you can get them fast on Amazon. And they’re only $5!
  3. Most runners I know drink coffee and/or after a run (I’m in the and category). I know I’d be pretty excited about getting this coffee gift set.
  4. Lounging in comfy pants after a good run is seriously one of the best feelings. These super soft loungers (striped, preferably 😉 ) would be great for that.
  5. So remember when I was talking about coffee? What about putting said coffee in a cute mug like this one.
  6. This is one of my favorite sweaters. I wear it an awkward amount.
  7. Long-sleeved layering tops are such good pieces to have, especially when you’re running in colder weather. This one is super flattering.
  8. What’s better for tired post-run feet than these slippers? Someone to massage my tired feet, that’s what, but slippers are almost as good.
  9. You had to see this one coming: I’m a HUGE fan of this watch and wear it daily, running or not. It’s KEY to my training plans since it tracks distance, laps, pace, time, everything. If your favorite runner doesn’t have one, make their day (and year). Bonus: it’s currently on sale!
  10. We had our coffee pre-run, now how about some wine post-run? This wine subscription would make an amazing gift.

Okay, your turn – if you’re a runner, what would you love to get for Christmas this year?


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  • Courtney

    I have a hydration backpack on my list this year. TMI, but I’m someone who sweats a LOT and needs to take in more water than most when running and there is ONE water fountain in my city.