I never had the confidence that I could own or run a small business… but here we are, and I’m beyond grateful.

Despite watching my dad run his own small business as I was growing up, and watching my brother (who is basically the boy version of me) run two incredibly successful businesses, I never had the confidence that I could do that too. And the entrepreneur class I took in college seemed like overwhelming chaos.

But now, 10 years after starting my blog, I own a small business. I never imagined my blog would lead to this, but I absolutely love what I do. And I now realize that being a entrepreneur is EXACTLY what I thought it was in college: overwhelming chaos. But it’s also the best chaos.

small business saturday

I love being the CEO, CFO, CMO and everything in between. It works all the parts of my brain, hone my strengths and forces me to learn new things along the way.

I love having employees and trying to be the best possible boss. Without them, I couldn’t keep up my blog , especially since I still work in Corporate America.

I love having an amazing group of women I get to work with through Beautycounter. They inspire me daily and have become some of my closest friends.

And I LOVE the friendships I’ve formed with all of you over the years through this space I’ve created on the internet. Some of you I’ve met in person but most I haven’t; but I still consider my blog friends to be real friends.

Thank you for supporting my blog, my Beautycounter business and giving me the confidence and encouragement to keep it all going, all these years. Your comments, likes, and messages mean more than you know. And owning my own small business means more to me that I can express. I’m so proud of what I’ve built — and I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

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