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Utah Trip Recap in Pictures

Tommy and I spent last weekend in Utah. It was SUCH a great trip (although very short), and I’m so glad I was able to go home with such short planning (usually I book trips months in advance and I booked these flights two weeks out). I’m especially grateful Tommy was able to come with me, to meet all my family (5 brothers, 5 sister-in-laws, 16 nieces and nephews!), and see where I grew up. We had a great time!


The trip started off with three of my brothers and a nephew surprising us at the airport when we landed at 10 PM Friday night. My parents, who were picking us up, didn’t even know they were coming. My brothers were waiting inside the airport with signs and started yelling Tommy’s name when they saw us. hahahaha! Quite the introduction to my family. My brothers are the best.


I later noticed this note on the sign. HA!


We participated in family shenanigans.





We went to an NBA game. My dad has had Utah Jazz tickets for as long as I can remember and it’s always our tradition to go together when I’m home. He was able to get an extra set of tickets so Tommy and my mom could come too (although their seats were about 15 rows behind us).


I sat with my dad for half the game and Tommy for half. 🙂

IMG_3507 IMG_3505

We explored Salt Lake City and ate an awesome meal at Hub & Spoke Diner.

We drove to the top of Suncrest (which is a neighborhood literally on top of the mountain) for some gorgeous views and “photo opps” as my dad called it. ha!



And this is him thinking, “Good thing you’re my favorite daughter. It’s freezing up here.”


IMG_3303The view from my parents’ backyard always amazes me when I go home. I totally took the beauty of Utah for granted growing up!


We ate lots of hot bread. My mom made her famous bread, like she does every Saturday, and we inhaled it fresh from the oven with butter and honey. Gluten sensitivity be damned. Stomach woes were SO worth it for this.


We worked on the farm. (“We worked” meaning Tommy worked & I periscoped it.) He helped my dad and brother move some hay from the barn to the horse feeder. The bales of hay are about 50 lbs and he did this after CrossFit so he got a double workout. But hey, he impressed my dad! 😉





And Maizey was obviously thrilled to be home after I picked her up at the kennel on Tuesday afternoon.


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  • Christine Whittington

    Loved your Utah pictures! I went to a conference in Salt Lake City and enjoyed the city so much. I like the story about the streets being so wide so that Brigham Young could come through with his big team of oxen. I also went to the mountaintop neighborhood for the view. Have you ever gone up to see Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, which is in Great Salt Lake? It is near the Golden Spike National Monument and involves driving across a no-man’s-land of open range with no cell reception, but is worth it.

  • Paula

    Your pictures are so pretty!! I want to go to Utah now! ??

  • Julie

    Thanks for sharing your trip w/ us. So cool that Tommy got to go & got to meet your whole family. <3

  • Meghan

    Ooooooh I am missing Utah so much now!!!! Your pictures are gorgeous and it looks like you had such a fun visit with your fam!

  • jen

    Love this recap. I can’t get over the beautiful scenery! So happy Tommy got to go home to meet the parents and all the brothers. xo <3

  • christina

    so good. just so good. love the pics.

  • Katie

    What a great recap!… Oh You & Tommy make one fabulous couple <3 Looks like your home is one special place!!!

  • [email protected]

    Oh my gosh, what a fun trip! Your family sounds so wonderful!

  • Sam

    Your pictures are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to Utah and your pictures made me want to go even more.

  • Sana

    Your family is AWESOME!

  • [email protected]

    I took an impromptu trip at the end of the year and it was the BEST! Looks like you all had a great time! 🙂

    My hair is about the same color as you and I’ve been going back and forth on going lighter. I’d say “yay” for you/us. It’ll brighten up the winter weather!

  • Grace

    Your trip looks like so much fun!! I spent that weekend in Winston (original hometown!) with my boyfriend and it was a blast! 🙂

    Super random.. But I have a similar hair type and cut but I CANNOT get my hair to soft curl like yours! Do you mind sharing what products/tools you use?