Gobble Gobble! Freeze-dried turkey for your pup this Thanksgiving

Give your pup a high-protein Thanksgiving dinner with Wellness Raw Rev Dog Food. Freeze-dried raw turkey is mixed in with deboned turkey and chicken kibble so your pup isn’t left out from the festivities!

You guys, it’s almost turkey time! Tommy and I will be spending Thanksgiving with his parents in Pinehurst, and of course, Maizey will be coming along. She loves exploring the trails around their house!

I know that she’ll get spoiled rotten on Thanksgiving since Tommy’s dad loves to take her on walks and she loves all the new sniffs and sights. But on top of that, she’ll even get her own turkey dinner thanks to Wellness CORE RawRev. 😉

Wellness Raw Rev Dog Food

RawRev Original and Small Breed formulas have freeze-dried raw turkey mixed in with deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal kibble for a festive, nutritious and tasty Thanksgiving meal. She’s thrilled about this news, I promise. This is her happy face. No really, it is.

jcrew-factory-winnie-pantssweater | pants

(Side note: When people meet Maizey in person, they’re always surprised by how friendly and happy she is since she always looks so grumpy in my pictures and video. Such a stink.)

Whenever I bring out a new bag of dog food, she KNOWS what it is. Never mind that she has the EXACT same food in her container on the other side of the wall. She wants the new food. (Is this good practice for children?)

Maizey especially loves the Wellness Core freeze-dried treats. And I love that it’s a clean snack for her without any icky fillers (which is common in most dog treats). Plus, these treats are high in protein, which is especially important for a muscular dog like Maizey. We have a variety at home, but lately she’s been on a salmon kick. 😉

I hope you and your families — and your pups! — have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Big thank you to Wellness Core for sponsoring this post and for the huge supply of dog treats and dog food!!! Maizey and I are both grateful! You can read previous posts about Wellness Core Raw Rev here.


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